07/08/21 | Arthur's minion
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Arthur's person's opinion

I laid this out for months hiding his snacks inside, which he finds, but always makes sure he never goes too far in. He has never liked how it smells, even though I 'aired' it outdoors for weeks in good weather. Better not to talk about trying to get him inside. I feel his mind goes to dark places. He is ok sitting with it in backpack mode. Laid longways is better for car journeys, BUT he slides in it when braking. He can't change sides in it which tires & overheats him. Nose to bum he is 57cm.
26/07/17 | emm
catalog.explore.reviews.rating.accessibility.label: 4/5

Great cat carrier

I love it! My cat actually like it as well. better for my shoulder compared to the usual sling carrier