03/06/20 | Lisa
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Its either LOVE or ignore depending on the dog

One of my terriers has very strong prey drive so the most useful purpose of this was to do recall work away from it. If you ever worked with terriers you know how hard it is to switch them between prey + pack drive. I could not leave her to play with for more than a few minutes- she would bump + bite it so hard she would bleed- maybe she was biting her own tongue or mouth in excitement. So we have given this away to more placid dogs. My other terrier liked it for 1 day and then ignored it!
18/08/16 | Amy Tumber
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Wasn't sure at first...

When we first bought this, I must admit, I was a little disappointed... however, time changed that completely! Nearly two years later, this egg is still going! Our 37kg Old English Sheepdog adores this, he goes absolutely bonkers when playing with it, chasing it up and down the garden grunting wildly! Not much entertains him without human involvement - but this egg certainly does the trick!
10/09/14 | Amanda Sigley
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Not quite indestructible running egg

My German Shepherd inherited the running egg from my old dog. She has loved it for the past two years, however, she has put a huge hole in the top so she can carry it in her mouth. I'm frightened of her hurting her mouth so I've ordered her a new one It is because of the hole she has made that I will give it 4 stars, but would recommend it.
26/04/13 | Emily
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It depends on the dog!

My 2 year old border collie wasn't sure what to make of this when I first gave it to her but when she got up the courage to shove it she ran around bouncing it off walls for most of the rest of the day! Most of the time she now ignores the ball (I think this is because it has nothing food related in it!) But every now and again she goes mad with it for hours at a time! :D
21/12/11 | Mick
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So far so good! It's still in one piece...........which is unusual!

Just gave the boys an early Christmas pressie! My 3yrs old GSD isn't usually bothered by toys, thinks they are all highly over rated and meant for destruction only...... he is absolutely besotted with trying to catch this running egg! Even throwing it between his legs rugby style like the Border Terrier! Never seen him play with anything like it before. Just had to hide it to get some peace, won't let the 2yrs old GSD anywhere near it so away to buy another one before we have a fight! Not really one for indoors though especially if you have low lying plants/candles!!!!
15/11/11 | Julie
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Worth considering

Bought one of these for my staffie/collie cross who has seemingly endless energy. She loves this toy and gets very excited about playing with it and "talks" to it. I have had to banish it to the garden after a bookcase nearly got wrecked and would say that it is more an outdoor toy as it is so hard that it will cause damage to furniture or any unsuspecting ankles that may be in the way! The only slight criticism is that the hard plastic does become very scored as she tries to pick it up and I have become concerned that she could swallow some of the bits as she scrapes it with her teeth so I do have to supervise her with it, but that aside, this is a great toy for active dogs who need lots of stimulation.
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Sore legs

I think this is a really good toy and my dog absolutely loves it until she pushes it through her back legs and it catches her knees when she squeals and won't play with it. After her knocking it against my bare ankle I can understand why, it really hurt!
25/10/09 | Katrina
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Something Different

This is a very simple idea but our collie cross really likes the challenge. The egg is much lighter than we thought - basically a tough hollow plastic shape. Size isn't an issue because of how it moves. We hoped our dog would use it to play by herself but for now its a fun football game for 2!