05/08/19 | Edel
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When I first saw the ball I didn’t think my dog Tom would look at it. Tom loves small balls but this was a bit big as he is a terrier. He spends hours running and barking around after it. Hard material so will last ages
04/12/17 | Barbara Long
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Favourite toy

This yellow ball has been in daily use for 8 years. Sammy is a lab boxer cross. His jaws have made inroads and completely destroyed it but he won't part with it. He needs a new one for Christmas!
catalog.explore.reviews.rating.accessibility.label: 5/5

running egg

Fantastic toy. My Labrador has learnt how to dribble it back for hours(!) of fun and exercise.
06/07/16 | Sherry
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Great, but would be better if more solid and rubber.

My dog worked out pretty quickly that one end was smaller than the other. He scored holes in this area so he could get a grip in his mouth. It took a week for him to be able to strut triumphantly around the garden with it in his mouth, with a air of, 'look what I did'. He then continued to chew and score it so it could grip it in various ways. I had to take it off him in the end as it was so rough it actually started taking his skin off. Not suitable for dogs that have to be able to walk around with it in their mouths or ones that like to chew. Lasted about four months, pretty good for my dog.
15/05/16 | Emma Copperthwaite
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My Great Dane loves this. This hollow plastic egg is roughly the size & shape of a rugby ball. It's exterior is slippery and difficult to grip. This is what makes it fun for dogs as it slips from their grasps, they'll end up chasing it. A dane can can easily fit it in his mouth as long as i it can maintain a slippery grip..
11/12/15 | Emma
catalog.explore.reviews.rating.accessibility.label: 5/5

Fantastic Product

My lab is forever destroying his toys and I was struggling to find him something he wouldn't get through. This provides him hours of endless fun. He loves chasing this around trying to pick it up. I would highly recommend this product if you have an energetic dog who gets through their other toys quite easily.
29/08/15 | Sue
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Great way to tire a dog

This is a great toy for an energetic dog, like our 5 month old Springer spaniel cross lab. She absolutely loves it and chases it around the garden yelping with delight. We don't leave it out and only give it to her for about 10 to 15 minutes each time, so it is always an exciting 'new' toy when she has it. As with all toys it really shouldn't be left with your pet unattended. We purchased it about 2 weeks ago after seeing a friend with one and we are definitely not disappointed.
15/02/15 | Eduardo Dias
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Excellent product!

Great product! Our golden retriever absolutely loves it and has lots of fun chasing it. Although it is a very tough plastic is recommended, as it should be with any other toy, that you never leave your dog unattended for long periods of time playing with it!
18/11/14 | Cassie
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Excellent fun toy

Both my Labrador and spaniel love this toy, had it over 1 year now and still going strong! Takes a few weeks for them to get the hang if it, but once they do, they love it, my spaniel can get some speed up with it and it ends up hoovering on his nose! Best toy we have ever bought
21/09/14 | Frankie
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Best toy ever

My GSD x Malamut loves chasing his egg. He has destroyed every other "indestructible" toy going - intentionally - but just can't get his mouth around this one (so he can't bring it inside either)! It keepd him occupied and its hilarious watching him pounce on it to see it ping away. Worth every penny in the first 10 minutes xD
02/09/14 | Kasia
catalog.explore.reviews.rating.accessibility.label: 5/5

best toy I bought

dog loves it. toy is a good size, so it can not destroy it.
24/06/14 | Keri
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Surprisingly Entertaining

This hard plastic toy is one I would not have expected my German Shepherd to have taken any interest in but he did. His football skills are incredibly good now because of it and he makes lots of funny noises of happiness when playing with it. Eventually after much determination he learnt to wedge it against the garden edges and then grap the top end of the egg with his teeth and trot up and down with pride before he would lose his grip again. It is an outside toy as he needs lots of room to play with it, definately worth getting if you have a dog who loves toys.
16/06/14 | John Bromley
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Mastiff resistant!

Our Mastiff bitch spends hours each day playing with the running egg in the garden. It is not an indoor toy! It has survived 6 months very rough treatment and is now looking very scuffed and has 2 puncture holes, but still is in one piece and retains its play value. She can pick it up and carry it around, but it is not easy. I have sent one to another Mastiff owner and it seems that they have the same amount of fun.
02/06/14 | sarah needham
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Running egg

Was fed up of my dogs destroying balls, this product was great it keeps them occupied and no more sad pups when it deflates as they have had it over a year and its still going strong
17/05/14 | lucie
catalog.explore.reviews.rating.accessibility.label: 5/5

best toy ever!

Bought this for my 18 month old GSD. It drives him mad as he can never catch it but he loves it! It's survived being thrown kicked and bounced around our flagged garden and it's perfectly in tact. Best money I've ever spent on a dog toy.
28/02/14 | Julie Young
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Running Egg

This is the best toy I have ever bought, our Golden Retriever has hours and hours of fun with this, just make sure your ankles dont get in the way - it hurts
23/12/13 | Justine
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Fantastic Toy

My dog is a chewer and he needs a lot of activity in a day. He gets through conventional chew toys in a matter of moments so this is the best toy for him. He absolutely loves it, will chase it around forever trying to get a grasp on it, tail wagging with joy the whole time!
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best toy ever

our border collie gets hours of fun from this frustrating toy. it's brilliant
02/10/13 | sarah
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best toy ever got!

Our dog loves this toy and I am so glad he has it. He plays for ages with it though he has trashed the garden but it is worth it. He is a large strong dog with loads of energy. And the toy is still in one piece.
15/08/13 | Samantha Petrie
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It's a winner!

This is absolutely Murphy's favourite toy - He expertly dribbles it round the garden to whoever he wants to throw it(through gates and round corners) and never tires with it. After 5 years, he has managed to put a hole in it and we need another - but that was 5yrs of concentrated effort and he's a GSD.