10/03/21 | Michelle
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Big girls, fear not!!!

I bought this with the hopes it would go around my waist,( I am a size 16-18, UK size) it’s great, I was a bit worried that it was aimed at slimmer people but to my delight it extends out to where I need it, it saves my pockets from smelling of dog treats and isn’t big and bulky, I can have it under my jacket if needed, There are three compartments altogether, a main one, where I keep the treats and two side ones, which I suppose you could use for anything, I’m very happy with this product
catalog.explore.reviews.rating.accessibility.label: 5/5

Love it

Very useful, fits treats, bags and phone perfectly
21/06/17 | Sally Lawn
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Excellent product and great value

I have used several, smaller, treat bags in the past, and bought one of these baggy belts at an agility show. It is absolutely fantastic and has been in daily use ever since. It carries a large amount of treats, a number of poo bags and I use the other pocket for money, keys, etc, as it is not large enough for my phone (which is in a wallet). This does not bother me but may affect others. I am going to buy a second one so I have one at home and one in the caravan for competitions.