15/11/15 | Barry O'Connell
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Quality at its very very best

I have a Assistance Dog he has been my partner for six golden years, now not does he work 365/7 days a week plus he enjoys off duty time which playing in country parks plus beaches and that in turn means swimming. So we a great price for our special dog, so Zooplus fits the picture price is outstanding packing out standing delivery time outstanding so if you got a Rolls Royce then you want but the very best well Zooplus you certainly do that
08/11/14 | jan shanley
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fussy eaters

I have a standard poodle and poodle cross. my standard poodle after loosing his life long friend my Belgian shepherd, stopped eating loosing a considerable amount of weight. after trying him with differ'nt foods which he wouldn't eat, I bought pro plan. to my relief he ate it. and has a new lease of life. he is nearly 14. my other dog coming off of puppy food also is doing very well on it. both enjoy pro plan and wont eat anything else.
08/06/14 | Margaret Wright
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Fantastic for the older dog

My dogs have never been so fit and healthy on this food which is nutrionaly well balanced. It has all the ingredients your dog needs, they have lost weight, yet eat more their coats are beautiful and shiny. I have used Pro Plan Adult Salmon and Rice for years but decided to change as my dogs got older to the Snr produce. So glad i did.