10/11/18 | Sharon Brown
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At last a water bottle that dosent leak

Bought this after reading reviews..advice don't fill bottle full as makes it heavy when changing it .less than half will do as it doesn't leak so water last longer .best to nip to DIY shop (like I did) so get spring with clips to hold it bettet . Other than than that brilliant bottle. my 6 guinea-pigs drink out of it with no problems and no leaks so don't make fleece soggy. I put pot bowl underneath just so water falls in to it when taking it off to change rather than it going on fleece.
11/10/12 | Stephen Bell
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Rabbit Recommended Water Dispenser

Both my rabbits were not happy with the spout type water feeders that seem to be supplied as standard at all Pet Suppliers. This version provides a stress free water supply and my rabbits gently lap up the water as they would from a bowl. I fitted a spring around the bottle to hold it safely to the bars on the indoor cage although my out door Trixie run has bar spacing that accomodates the bottle firmly without support. A Highly Recommended rabbit accessory.
catalog.explore.reviews.rating.accessibility.label: 5/5


Best ever. I fill it twice a week max. Easy to fill and keep clean. Keeps two rabbits hydrated for 3-4 days. I got heavy duty elastics to hold it in place. I have mine for 3 years and still looks new.