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Trixie Dog Activity Memory Trainer 2.0

Product description

Trixie Dog Activity Memory Trainer 2.0 5 17
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Diameter 20 x H 24 cm
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Product description

Innovative food dispenser for dogs. Playfully combines physical and mental challenges. With varying levels of difficulty due to the separate release button with a 40m range. Battery operated.
The Trixie Dog Activity Memory Trainer 2.0 is a great new way to test your dog’s fitness and intelligence. This challenging strategy game lets your pet have fun and earn tasty rewards at the same time. The feeder dispenses a delicious snack every time your dog presses the separate release button, keeping him interested in the game and motivating him to come back for more.

The non-slip food dispenser made from durable plastic can be filled with small snacks or dry dog food. You can regulate the portion by adjusting the opening of the rotating snack reservoir inside the dispenser.

The release button is a large push button that can be operated by your dog’s nose or paw. It can be placed next to the food dispenser or moved further away once your dog has learnt how the game works. The sensor has a maximum operating range of 40 metres, giving you lots of options for challenging your dog. It’s also possible to place the two components in different rooms to really keep your dog on his toes.

How the Trixie Dog Activity Memory Trainer 2.0 works:
The first challenge for your dog is to work out the connection between the button and the food dispenser.
Every time your dog presses the large button he will hear a signal, indicating that a treat is waiting for him in the dispensing tray. This sound will quickly become familiar to your dog. If you have two pets, it’s possible to select a different signal for each dog so that you can train them to respond to their individual tones.
Once your dog has identified the connection between the button and the snack dispenser, you can move the button to different locations further away from the dispenser, increasing the challenge for your dog.

The button stays firmly in place on slippery floors thanks to the included rubber holder. The delivery set also contains a ground peg and suction cup so that you can place the button securely in your garden or on glass.

The helpful instruction manual guides you clearly through the learning process. Detailed descriptions of the different learning phases and possible variations make the Trixie Dog Activity Memory Trainer 2.0 easy to use and also help to ensure that your dog can get the most from this fun intelligence toy.

Trixie Dog Activity Memory Trainer 2.0 at a glance:

  • Interactive and challenging intelligence toy with varying levels of difficulty
  • For use with snacks or your dog’s normal dry food
  • Innovative food dispenser with multiple options for increasing the level of difficulty: pressing the separate button rewards your dog with a treat from the dispenser, button can be placed up to 40m away from the feeder
  • Various possibilities for securing the trigger button: with ground peg for use in lawns or gravel, suction cup for a firm hold on smooth surfaces or glass (e.g. windows), additional rubber holder for extra stability
  • Manual portioning of snacks: food reservoir with adjustable opening
  • With handy scoop for filling the snack reservoir
  • Non-slip rubber feet
  • With instruction manual, including tips and tricks for successful training
  • Via USB-port (cable included) or battery operated (3 x AAA and 4 x C batteries, not included in delivery)
  • Dimensions: Diameter 20 x H 24 cm
  • Materials: synthetic rubber and plastic
  • Colours: cream/green
  • Included in delivery:
    • Food dispenser
    • Release button
    • Additional rubber holder (thermoplastic rubber) for release button
    • Suction cup for securing button to smooth surfaces
    • Peg for securing button in soft ground
    • Scoop for filling food reservoir

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