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Challenging and fun

This toy is level 3 for a reason! It's a good challenge. We love the usb function and the fact you can change the settings and control the treat amount
18/12/17 | Caroline
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Stimulating for Working Cocker

Definitely recommend this! Our Working Cocker Spaniel loves this interactive food game. The button can be placed in another room and she finds it and then runs for the food dispenser, on and on. Great design, does sometimes drop out too many biscuits (ie the game finishes more quickly)
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Great Toy

My cocker spaniel loves this , I could see her working it out. Only took 15mins . She now gets her meals via this toy. Only drawback releases too many treats or none , hard to regulate. Very good mental work out.
09/03/17 | Sue
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The best 'toy' ever!

Bought this for our Springer spaniel X Labrador as a Christmas present & she absolutely loves it. She'd already learned the 'tag' command so figured it out far too quickly. Last week she got a bad cut on her leg & was told to only walk on a lead for 10 days, this frustrated her immensely, as she normally gets two 1 1/2 hour exercise each day. Today I brought it out again & she was absolutely over the moon to be allowed the opportunity to do a bit of running again. I would totally recommend it!
07/03/17 | Sue Emery
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Fantastic activity

Mental stimulation is just as important as physical stimulation with many breeds and this memory trainer keeps my dogs on their toes. Can't wait till the weather gets better and I can start putting the button much further away from the dispenser in the garden.
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Gets a lazy spaniel moving

My cocker spaniel loves it. After nearly twice daily use for a year the original one stopped communicating between button and main unit. I didn't hesitate to get another. She can be a bit lazy so sometimes needs cheering on from the sidelines! I would definitely recommend it.
30/01/17 | Philippa Thompson
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Fantastic fun

I bought this for my GSP for Christmas and to say he loves it is an understatement! He begs me daily to play with it. I put one of his meals in it and he works hard for it. Not had any problems, and even with a super enthusiastic GSP pushing the button still going strong. Dread the day it stops working, I'll be forced to buy another. Best purchase in a while
01/01/17 | zach brown
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Great interactive toy

This is well worth the money, the button have two different sound settings and you can adjust the size of the hole in the treat dispenser to accommodate larger sized treats.
05/11/16 | Jo
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Fantastic boredom buster for all dogs

Bought after reading the reviews but was concerned may be a little too advanced for my 6 month old boxer puppy.......he loves it!!!. He has already been taught the 'touch' command, so just showed him the button and said touch and after the 3rd go he figured out what he had to do. I'm using his dry food from his food allowance plus a few of his broken up treats as a 'jackpot' reward, and now we move the button, hide it and it's fantastic mental stimulation. His tail starts wagging as soon as he sees it it is a very high quality, well thought out item, a light on the button would be the only thing to improve it further.
11/05/16 | anna
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this is the dream of every labrador

it took our labrador girl 15 minutes to figure it out. now she uses it like a kibble ATM. she runs around the house looking for the button, pushes, waits to hear the sound of kibble coming out, then rushes to the dispenser. she adores it. we have a great time laughing as we watch.
31/08/15 | Kat
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Entertaining for both the dog and us.

Before we got the memory trainer, our Border Collie pup thought she was part Labrador when it came to meal times. You put her food down and it will be gone a little after removing your hand. Now that we have the memory trainer she gets part of her dinner in a bowl and the rest goes into the machine, mealtimes take a bit longer now and she has fun at the same time. when she was 14 weeks old, at first she would not go anywhere near the touch sensor, she is wary of sounds, but a bit of coaxing and the cat enjoying himself touching the sensor and getting dog food (his favorite) was just too much for her. After that it took 2 minutes to work it out and she was off, touch and eat. Now the sensor is at one end of the room and the dispenser at the other. She runs back and forth between them and is always disappointed when the food has gone. She did have the advantage of being trained to touch which helped her figure it out.
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Trixie memory trainer

Great for my border collie. It took him a while to get used to the noise but now he loves chasing the button around (he's a bit clumsy...) it's great fun to watch him figure it out too.
20/02/15 | PONLady
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Entertainment for indoors and outdoors

Bought this for my arthritic older dog for Christmas. He already understood to bop a target with his paw (taught using clicker-training), so getting him used to this was easy. I would imagine if you've never done any form of target or clicker training it would take a few days for your dog to master this game. Once they've got it, though, they love it! The dispenser is easy to fill and set up. However a large dog can easily knock it over - I wedged it between two pieces of furniture to stop my dog doing this. My boy gets so enthusiastic with the button that he 'digs' at it, flipping it over, so I also wedge the rubber-surround that comes with it under a table-leg to keep it in place. The suction-type holder (for use on tiled floors) Is fairly useless. There is a grass-peg to secure the button down on a lawn, (though looks a bit flimsy) or you can hold the button in your hand. Once your dog knows the button equals food, you could make it harder for the dog - put the button inside a cardboard box, for example, or use the button in place of a clicker to teach 'go to bed' or similar skills. (Placing the toy in a crate could help reduce separation anxiety!) The treats need to be hard kibble (I used a portion of my dog's normal food, making mealtimes last longer and helping to keep his weight down). You can adjust how many treats are dispensed. This is a great way to entertain a bored dog in the house, or distract him while you get on with hanging out the washing! It's been wonderful for my arthritic boy who can't manage long walks or chasing after a ball any more, but still wants to play. All in all, well worth the money, far cheaper than other 'target' based treat-dispensers, and works just as well.