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Great fun

This arrived yesterday and we had much excitement from our Dalamatian pup as we set it up. Didn't even have to show him how to use it - he had it completely sussed within seconds and it was very quickly emptied! He's just 12 weeks old so not sure how long this will keep him entertained for.
09/02/17 | Elizabeth Graham
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Great product

I bought this for my Sheltie, mainly to utilise for agility training as it provides a reward at a distance without me being present to help with working independently and drive. It was particularly useful for teaching weaves as I found she was looking at my hands for the reward all the time rather than driving forward. Negatives for me are that sometime too much kibble is released or none at all and button can be quite sensitive when you're running but overall great value.
catalog.explore.reviews.rating.accessibility.label: 4/5

Memory Trainer with Boxers

Bought to amuse two Boxer dogs when it's two wet outside to have a run around the Garden. In general it works well, we use some of their daily kibble allowance in it rather than buying extra treats , that way we know how much they eat a day and can control their weight. I was doubtful how long the button would last with a Boxer as they tend to get over excited about pushing a button :) but so far so good. Could have been five stars if the button had a light option in it for a deaf dog