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My 4 love it

I have 4 cats and they love this. I fed the 3 kittens this from the beginning supplemented with Purizon kitten biscuits. They are all in good health and look very shiny.
28/11/18 | Samantha
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My kitten’s favourite food

My British shorthair kitten loves all flavours of this food.. it’s a nice and moist texture with plenty of jelly which she loves. This food gives her a lot of energy and keeps her a healthy weight due to the high meat and protein content.
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My cat loves Bozita

I’ve been feeding my cat Bozita for the last 2 years and she loves it. She is an extremely fussy eater and I couldn’t find any other healthy/high meat content cat foods that she would eat. Before giving her Bozita her coat had been getting a bit dull, but since she’s been having Bozita it has been soft and healthy. The only flavour she doesn’t like is the beef. Other than that it goes down well. It works out as good value for money for me. For my cat a carton will last 2 days.
15/06/18 | Ciara Elliot
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Great value

To be honest, my cat would eat anything, but he is 18 and hasn't been in the best of health so I thought I'd try something of good quality to see if it helped. Very please with the product, he loves it and has been very well and more energetic since we changed to this food.
24/03/18 | originally published in zooplus.it
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Great product

I have 7 cats that only eat grain-free food and this product is great - everyone likes it... Excellent value for money ..... the only flaw is that it is not available in 800g or similar, we hope that will come on the market....
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Diabetes in remission!

Diagnosed diabetic 8 months ago, my poor mog wasn't getting any better. The prescription diabetic cat food didn't help, but made things worse, increasing her weight. I'd read online that a low carb/carb free, wet food only diet was better for diabetic cats. This is the first time I've tried this and two weeks later her diabetes is i remission. no more injections! would be great if a sample pack of one of each flavour was available in the canned.
15/10/17 | originally published in zooplus.it
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Mama Emma and her two puppies greatly appreciate Bozita food. Every time they are licking their whiskers.
15/10/17 | originally published in zooplus.it
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Unfortunately very expensive. Excellent shrimp variety.
06/07/17 | originally published in zooplus.it
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Bozita shrimp variety

I bought this item with eyes closed. The brand inspires great confidence because it carefully selects its products to be highly natural and use ingredients of a certain quality. Also for the flavour I chose it has an ideal consistency and a pleasant smell that does not disturb our sense of smell!
23/06/17 | M hood
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Great cat food

I have been using this for a long time. I have tried both the tetra packs and tins. The cats have enjoyed both but currently show a preference for the tins. It keeps them well, lovely shines fur and the quality is so good and high in protein it fills them up for longer. Two adult cats get one tin a day between them I would recommend to anyone looking for quality food for their fur peoples. M
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Their fav wet food.

I switch around all the time and this is their favourite. But I find it quite smelly and I feel there are less meat, more jelly per tin than other brand like animonda carny. But the boss loves it... That's the most important thing
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I wanted our 3 kitties to have natural nourishment, so I ordered 4 different brands on my first order. Bozita Chicken was by far the best food. Our cats like it, it does not smell and the price is in the lower range for a high quality food. I can recommend Bozita Chicken.
09/09/16 | Cate Crowe
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great for a greedy cat

This food is very good quality with a high meat content. My cat is very greedy and is always asking for food, however after starting him on Bozita he has lost weight (which was needed) and he is fuller for longer. He also loves this food and can't wait to eat every bit of it.
03/01/16 | ub-vn
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Great food for my diabetic cat, and 3 others!

My cat developed diabetes in 2014 after having been fed all his previous 8 years on JWB dry food. After extensive research I realised I needed an affordable high protein / low carb wet food, as well as his insulin regime. I started on the tetrapaks as they had interesting flavours! However, with 3 other cats to feed that was getting too expensive! Their coats are glossy, they have lost weight, and the diabetic has been in remission 2 or 3 times, and insulin doses are minimal if he relapses.
04/12/15 | Laura
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Loved by my very fussy cat

All of my cats unanimously agree on this food, they prefer it to the tetra paks and many months later still aren't bored. It's fantastic value. They eat the chicken and salmon ones, haven't tried the others.
03/05/15 | Steve Joul
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Chosen for it's content, our cat loves it.

When the stray cat that adopted us needed feeding she rejected the brands from my local shops. We believe she had been feeding from bird tables as she went wild at the sight of a slice of bread! I was surprised at the low meat content of those foods (approximately 4% I believe) so I researched the subject and ordered Bozita from Zooplus. This has a much higher meat content (approximately 96% I believe and partly derived from animal lungs). Our cat, who we named Summer, loves her Bozita. We buy the cans with chicken. She never fails to finish it and has no problems with it. I have given a can to a friend and her cats loved it too so we highly recommended it.
28/02/15 | Elisabeth
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Best for the price!

I was looking for a good quality canned food that wouldn't break the bank. After some research everybody was raving about Bozita. Decided to try the salmon cans first, she eats it well (although like many cats she does prefer the crappo cheap stuff so have to be vigilant) I have noticed since she's eaten this her fur has gotten really silky and glossy, really impressed with the quality meat content of this food, we have just ordered the tetra chunks in gravy to try next!
21/02/15 | Sarah martin
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Buy this food for diabetic pets

My beautiful cat marvin a ten year old burmilla was diagnosed as diabetic, he had lost so much weight in the space of a week and was drinking and peeing excessively.After I educated myself about feline diabetes I discovered that cats should only be fed low carbohydrate wet food and that's not just diabetic cats that's all cats!(no dry food at all) I transitioned my cats all seven of them on to bozita. My cats look the best they have ever looked, no sickness or diarrhoea since they have been on it and marvins diabetes went into remission after three weeks. Five of my cats took to this food immediately the other two took a little longer to persuade but I persevered and all eat it happily now. Can't recommend this food highly enough. Very happy cats & owner.
17/02/15 | Andrea ( Cornwall UK )
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My cats love this

This is a good stop gap if you are struggling with feeding raw, but want a good quality meat diet. Nothing is ever wasted, and you do not need to feed as much . My cats are so much more content eating this. I only wish they did this version in the tetra packs .
06/12/14 | Phill
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Very Good Quality Cat Food

This is one of the best cat foods on this site. Just a shame about the delivery service which can take for agers!