07/27/21 | Charlotte

Overall a very good product - but there is a humming noise

It’s not completely silent like everyone is saying. It’s quiet but there IS a humming noise so if you are looking for a fountain completely silent this isn’t for you. However it is a really good product and is quiet enough for me - my 2 kittens love it and I feel much better that they are drinking more water on their dry food diet. As for cleaning and the filters - I will see how that goes but I only just got it yesterday.

02/17/17 | Donna Torch

Great Product

Took a week or so to spot one of my cats using the fountain - but now it's in constant use ! The fountain is quiet and has good water movement. Easy to clean & reassemble. Filters need to be changed frequently. Considering purchasing a new motor in the near future as it is starting to slow slightly. Would definately buy this model & brand again.

11/02/15 | Laura

cheap and cheerful for a short term solution

does the job without breaking the bank. People that complains for rattling noise: ADD MORE WATER! it happens if air gets into the pump. Otherwise there is a quiet humming noise that if you take it as white noise makes you sleep better!! :) downside for me is running costs: the filters cost too much, are bad for landfills and don't really work well. there are always residuals of food at the bottom. Light and easy to clean although i am not a fan of its plastic material


Brill' but:

I already have one of these & my two love it, as do my sister's two when they visit, BUT I find the plug is very loose in the socket and if knocked then the flow of water ceases. Other than that it is an excellent product.

06/08/14 | Melanie Eley

Cat Mate Water Fountain

I bought this for my 7 month old girl cat but she didn't pay much attention to it. My other wee cat Mickey loves it though, especially with ice cubes in it. He drinks out of all compartments several times a day.

04/03/14 | Ginette

Benji loves her Fountain

I do like this fountain as it's quiet so can sit in my living room without annoying me. Benji likes to drink out of the top levels. As she's is on a part-raw diet, I am conscious of the bacteria entering her water, so wash out with anti-bac washing up liquid AND take apart the pump and clean it 3 times a week. If I get lazy and miss one, sometimes you can see some slimey gunk in the pump, so bear in mind to keep it clean

09/14/12 | Lucie

Not for my cats :-(

Bought this to wean our cats off cat milk after the vet said they shouldn't be having it. I thought the more interesting feature of the water would entice them to drink - especially as this product has 3 levels. Several weeks on and the cats are drinking water from the dog bowls. I have put the Cat Mate Waterfall in place of what was the most frequently used dog bowl and the dogs occasionally use it now. But generally they are all using the boring old static porcelain bowls! On the plus side, the Cat Mate is quiet (we didn't notice any noise after a couple of days) and very easy to clean. Next time around, I would splash out (!) and get the Drinkwell 360 Drinking Fountain. It is properly big enough for the dogs, as well, and mimics how they like to drink from bottles or the tap.