05/18/21 | Josephine Corr

Best Buy

Purchased for my cats, one of whom used to only drink from the tap and I was concerned about how much she was actually getting to drink. Now I have No concerns, she uses it constantly. I have been greatly taken by how quiet it is. Its so easy to clean and takes up little space. Would highly recommend.

10/07/20 | Marita

Very good

Thank you so much my cat didn't drink a water from a bowl only from the tup it was difficult and I had warriors she hasn't a water how much she needs. With that fountain I am sure my cat has a clean water every day.I recommend that!


Maisie's favourite way of drinking water

Maisie absolutely loves this!Its simply perfect and she used it straight away.I only have to change it every four days.Rely recommend this product!

05/21/20 | Eleanor Thompson

Cat Mate Water Fountain

I was afraid a water fountain was a probably a gimmick but because our kittens were drinking such little water , I decided to give it a try. I am pleased to say it works! The kittens are now drinking properly. It is a relief as I know it lowers health risks, particularly for their kidneys when they are older. I would recommend this to everyone who has a cat who doesn't drink much water.


Great Great help on my baby's health!!

I highly recommande this product for the baby pets! Most important thing is that this amazing product makes my cat more healthy! He used to have uterus problems sometimes, and now it's gone, because he drinks much more and the water is also more clean. Water is so important to the health of pets, so this is a great investment with priceless return! Only thing is that I dont know how to clean the pmup or how often I should change the pump and filter... would be great to learn abnout this! :) :)

01/01/19 | Michelle Connor

Wouldn't go back

We used a bowl for our cat's water but was going to be away overnight and wanted him to be able to have plenty of water. The pump is quiet and we noticed our cat drinks more than he did when using the bowl so haven't gone back.

11/18/18 | Sarah Bond


All three of my cats have loved this fountain from the word go. Prior to this, my 17yr old female would only ever drink from a running tap, so this is amazing. They each vary their drinking position and have even been known to all take a drink at the same time. Water for my cats is cleaner, cooler and more oxygenated; what more could a loving owner want?

09/28/18 | Debbie Pinchbeck

Purrfect 🐾🐾

This is a brilliant idea- both of mine drink a lot , usually out of a running tap. One of my boys is diabetic and it’s great to satisfy his permenant thirst when I’m out during the day. I don’t use the filter, choosing to wash the unit through every couple of days. Recommend for any cat.


Brilliant improvement on our cat water bowls...

Arrived on time, set up was easy, plugs all fitted fine. Nice and quiet, cats both took to it instantly and I've done away with the spilling bowls I had for them all over the house! Love this product, cats love it and water stays inside the well, can't complain about that :)

07/21/18 | Prue

Used immediately

I have 17 indoor cats and a few of them live to drink from a running tap, so I thought i’d try a water fountain. I live the fact this one has 3 levels to drink from. Extremely easy to set up and very quiet too. My cats were hesitant at first but then they were queueing up to use it. Definately going to buy a 2nd one.

03/22/18 | lisa

good value

My cat loved this product brought because my cat did not drink enough now she drinks plenty thanks to cat mate

03/09/18 | Richard

Cats love it

Very quiet and all of my cats from ages 12 years to 7months are drinking water happily.


Still the best fountain I have found

Still the best fountain I have found, my cats both drink so much more water now and these really help keep the motor clear of debris

12/14/17 | Aine

He loves it

We have a Persian rescue cat, he loves moving water. He took to this straight away. Great that there are 3 different "bowls" of water. He likes to drink from the flowing water, I have seen that with a friend's cat - she had to leave the bath tap running for him.... It is very quiet, easy to put together and to clean. Highly recommended.



This is amazing the best thing since sliced bread. I have s few cats they all love it. It's in constant use. Easy to clean and assemble. This is a MUST hav

08/28/17 | Alison

Simply the best!

I bought this fountain 2 years ago and my cats took to it immediately. The gently flowing water and silent pump mean that this fountain doesn't bubble noisily, nor do you have an annoying hum, or leakage (as you get with some other fountains). The fountain is easy to clean and even the pump can be mostly dismantled, allowing you to clean the impeller too. I live in a very hard water area, so I get scale build up, but I clean this off with lemon juice and a scourer. The filter in this fountain also means that there is much less scum and impurities in my cat's water than would be there without it. My cats drink far more water than they ever did with their old water bowls and I would never consider using any other bowl or fountain again!

07/15/17 | Roo

Works a treat

My cat took to this drinking fountain like a Maine Coon to water. He loves it. Being a young and inquisitive Maine Coon, the second it was up and running he was in there with his paws investigating. He drinks from it several time a day. I top it up with filtered water, to hopefully save on filter costs. The pump is virtually silent. The plug adapter is a bit loose, but as long as you don't touch it it stays plugged in just fine, nothing a bit of electrical tape can't sort. I wanted a drinking fountain to encourge my kitten to drink lots, my last cat sadly passed away due to kidney failure, so I know how important it is to ensure your cat is hidrated. This fountain is certainly doing the trick

07/08/17 | MRS G MITCHELL

best fountain ever

having purchased other pet fountains in the past,we decided to change styles as we thought the other dome type started to get noisy for no reason that we could find,so after looking at others ,decided to give the cat mate a go,and can honestly say its so quiet,its nearly silent,brilliant.

05/08/17 | Jenny

Kitten loves to drink from this

It took my kitten around 3 weeks to realise that she's supposed to drink from this rather than play in the water. She still plays in the water, flicking it everywhere and trying to 'dig' it out lol. But she loves to drink from it too, she won't go back to her water bowl anymore :) I have put a rubber mat underneath it to stop the water going everywhere. This also stops the slight noise (not really that noticeable) from the motor. It is really easy to clean too, I wash it in the sink.

04/06/17 | Stephanie

The perfect, silent, fountain

I tried so many water fountain I can't even keep track. This one is just soooo quiet, finally....It makes a massive difference and the cats used it straight away. Top choice.