29/03/17 | Caroline
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I have had a cat for 6 years and hasn't caused me any trouble with breathing. We got a kitten who didn't bother me the first couple of weeks. Then I plugged in the Feliway and I've had a terrible few weeks of wheezing really badly. I assumed it was the kitten and spoke to the GP - he told me to give the kitten away :( Now I wonder if it is the diffuser, and have switched it off for the last week. I do feel a bit better and am wheezing less.
22/03/17 | Jules
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Not undetectable by some humans

Product may help my cat - jury is out but this is a warning to humans. I plugged mine in this afternoon. It is in the hallway and my office is a few feet away. After 20 minutes I suddenly tasted a really metallic horrible flavour in my mouth and it really affected my throat. I have left it plugged in but can't get rid of the taste, even though I have been drinking gallons of water. It is not nice.
30/06/16 | Emma
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Didn't work

Had high expectations however this did not work for my kitten. I sprayed it all over inside the cat carrier but throughout the whole journey, my kitten was crying like mad on the way home. I'm sure it works for some cats though!
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My cat had licked his inside back legs and part of his stomach bald, so I ordered Felliway as the reviews had been really good. Unfortunately it hasn't worked very well at all as he is still over grooming. Shame !!
05/12/15 | nta16
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Clearly worth a try

Clearly worth a try but it didn't work with our cat.
08/02/11 | Jo
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Fingers Crossed

Just bought this for my multi cat household and after reading the reviews i hope it works on one of my cats that prefers the floor to his litter tray !

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