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It works

Really helped our super anxious cat adapt to our new hyperactive dog
11/05/19 | Aoife
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A staple in our house

We buy this refill every month religiously! As soon as it runs out we see massive changes in our kitty who has anxiety so we need it 24/7. Zoo plus prices cannot be beat. The refills retails in shops for €36.99 but is only €19.99 on zooplus. I wouldn’t shop anywhere else for our feliway products. Speedy delivery too! Cannot recommend the product and zooplus enough!
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Very good, seems to do the job, my cat seems more relaxed
10/10/18 | Daria
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Neurotic kitty became calm kitty

Our vet diagnosed Louise as having anxiety syndrome. She was over grooming and licking the hair completely off her belly. We thought it was because there was a new cat in the neighbourhood. As soon as I plugged the Feliway in, she (and our other cats) lay down in front of the diffuser and mellowed right out. She hasn't groomed her belly since. The Royal Canin cat food with melatonin helps as well.
06/06/18 | Bonnie Johnson
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World of difference

Due to circumstances, my outside 8 year old female cat had to become an inside cat. Boy, was she angry! She hissed and growled at the dog constantly, was spraying against the windows and curtains, she even urinated on my bed. After a week of that, I decided to try the feliway diffuser. Within 24 hours there was a dramatic change. No more spraying, her and the dog get along again. She is calm and quite happy to be home. She went from hellcat to a pleasure to live with.
04/02/18 | Sue Attfield-Bonner.
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Wow - fantastic

I have to say I’m very impressed by feliway it’s totally calm my cat down. I fully recommend this product my cat is so chilled out now and not nervous like she was. I can’t thank you enough..😁
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Magic :-)

Our cats are quite laid back but taking them on long car journeys is definitely pushing it a bit. Sprayed this in carriers before setting off, and during the journey - cats were blissed out all the way from England to France. Excellent product.
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Calmed my Toyger

Purchased this as 1 of my toyger boys was quite hyper and seemed alarmed at most things. His brother was quite laid back. Almost straight away he seems very relaxed and sits still long enough for us to stroke him which we couldn't do before. They have lived with us for 4 weeks now and this weekend has made quite a difference which can only be the feliway. Recommended
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Amazing product

I wouldn't have said my indoor cat was at all stressed, but he was prone to destructive behaviour - things like knocking things off shelves and leaping on to the tops of doors. I got some Feliway and within 12 hours he was like a different cat. He's still got character but he doesn't do things which risk hurting him any more. I noticed that if his behaviour deteriorated, the diffuser was invariably almost empty. I've learned to always keep a refill spare so there's no break in usage.
20/03/17 | Emily H
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The super soother

My cat Bartholomew is very highly strung. Whenever he gets stressed he develops a UTI and if we're really lucky, starts pooing on the floor! Five months ago I committed the cardinal pussy cat sin of having a baby. Barty was not happy. Vets visits, antibiotics and poo in my shoe, among other places, ensued. Feliway diffusers are the only things to help. We put one by his food bowl and another by his favourite sleeping spot, within a week the problems stopped.
10/02/17 | Vicki Race
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These are really good to calm your pet if they're feeling a little bit stressed...I've purchased these a few times for previous cats I had & so ordered another, as we've just got a new younger cat & she was a little scared, coming into a new home, so bought a feliway, so she could calm down a bit & feel a little more secure & safe...& it's worked. I would definitely recommend feliway plug ins.
10/02/17 | Vicki Race
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Feliway Diffuser

I purchased these feliways before, as we had great results with our previous cats. So now we have a younger cat & wanted her to feel safe & secure, as with her being young & flighty, we thought this would calm her down a bit & we think it has, as we've seen a more contented little cat & she seems much more relaxed. I would definitely recommend you try them...& I know that they are a little bit expensive, but once you have a plug-in, the refills are ok. I would recommend using them for either month on/month off, or 2 months on/1 month off, as the pets get used to them, so having the break will help.
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Genuinely amazed

My Ragdoll cat had a run in with my neighbours dogs a while ago and has not wanted to go outside since. She has seemed unhappy and not herself. On recommendation from my vet I decided to try Feliway. My cat was enthusiastically chewing at the unopened bottle lid before I removed it to insert the bottle into the plug in diffuser! The results are great, on day 2 of using the Feliway my ragdoll has gone outside, albeit for less than a minute but its a positive step forward. She is much more energetic and playful in the house and is purring more. This product is certainly worth trying if you have an unhappy or stressed cat. I had my doubts but it is indeed a brilliant product that works for my cat.
21/02/16 | Maggie
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A well cat again

My Ragdoll was extremely poorly before Christmas so much so that when we took her to the Vet we didn't think that she would recover, she had kidney failure and thanks to our Vet Catherine (from Australia) a locum she was given excellent treatment and did make a recovery, we have since used a Feliway to give her a calm environment. It does work wonderfully.
25/01/16 | Margaret Muse
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Margaret Muse

Have owned numerous cats, but latest kitten was hyperactive - Feliway was recommended. Brilliant! I used to dread mornings to see what he'd wrecked overnight! He's now a gentle loving cat. Thankyou Feliway you've saved my sanity!
28/12/15 | Amanda Lake
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Lifesaver Product

My husband & I emigrated to the UK and a month before my two cats flew over from South Africa we plugged 3 Feliway plugs into our new cottage. Our cats settled in so quickly and they were so relaxed after a few days of being in their new home. They are both getting along with each other & even sharing our bed which was never the case before! We always make sure we have refills each month as we are so impressed with this product.
03/11/15 | Lynda
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Brilliant Product.

So glad I brought this we know have Five much calmer Cats. Even a Trip to the Vets with one cat who used to get very Stressed out about this was much calmer , Brilliant Product.
01/09/15 | Lucy
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Yup. This works.

I have big, powerful sibling cats who get very cross when wet or wintry weather keeps them inside. They spend their time squabbling and fighting. Sometimes, in the past, they have hurt each other out of pure boredom. Now I restrict them to the kitchen at night, (with cat-flap to outside) but the build-up of (to me) scentless Feliways calms them down.They hardly even bicker now! I know it IS the Feliways as we ran out recently and they went back to their old war-like ways within 6 days. Don't despair if the stuff doesn't work straight away; worth waiting about a week.
31/08/15 | Lucky
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great stuff

Good stuff. Cat fell asleep in his carrier to the vets. Brilliant. One downside is that Zooplus send out this and it has no UK instructions.
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The product I've been searching for!

My 20 week old kitten has anxiety issues due to him being taken from mum at 5 weeks. He is very clingy, needy and gets stressed out very easily. A recent trip to the vet for neutering resulted in him repeatedly peeing on my bed and fighting between my two. A trip back to the vets to rule out a UTI and he recommended Feliway. I was dubious, how can something you plug in to your wall help combat my cat peeing on my bed?!? But I am so happy with the product! Both of my cats are so much more relaxed and not a single wee on the bed or scrap. I'm just sad I didn't find out about this product when he was first with me as I'm confident it would have relieved sooo much stress.

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