08/09/18 | DGW
catalog.explore.reviews.rating.accessibility.label: 4/5

Works to a point

Took about 3 months to really help with the urinating and caterwauling. He still does it on occasion. Usually when one of the diffusers is really low. I know when it is time to change it immediately after a night of howling. He still plays and is really rambunctious. Still bites when excited but a lot less. It has worked to a point. Things are better, a lot better, but not perfect. He almost was an outdoor kitty. I have two diffusers now, considering a third for the back of the house.
07/02/18 | Paula
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Metallic taste

I bought Feliway to try to calm down one of my cats as he is very possessive over me, especially when my other cat is around, and it seems to be working. My problem is that I constantly now have a metallic taste in my mouth which isn’t great. The cat problem seems to be getting better, so I might just have to live with the taste problem.
13/08/17 | Eloise
catalog.explore.reviews.rating.accessibility.label: 4/5

Effective product, but delivered in a giant box!

Given that this product is quite expensive for something that may be a frequent purchase, I wanted to be sure that it was effective. So far, early morning meowing around the house has stopped so the indications are good! Delivery: I couldn't believe this product which is in a small box was delivered in much bigger cardboard box that could have fit numerous other items - I know different suppliers are used for different items, but there is no reason to send small products in gigantic boxes.
29/04/17 | Elizabeth Rhodes
catalog.explore.reviews.rating.accessibility.label: 4/5

Boxing Brothers

Without this my two lads can get very tetchy with each outher - this keeps the peace.
19/04/17 | Jules
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Not undetectable by some humans but GREAT for elderly cats

Previously left a review as the product caused me problems with my throat when I first used it. That did pass after a week so I guess I got used to it in the air. However, my 16 year old cat had recently been having multiple fits every day and waking up out of it and biting his leg repeatedly. I am delighted to say that within 48 hours the fits stopped completely and he sleeps in a new bed on the landing beside the plug in now. He is his old laid back self, hopefully for a year or two more.
05/02/17 | Adrian Pitt
catalog.explore.reviews.rating.accessibility.label: 4/5

Calm has been restored!

Our vet advised we purchase a couple of these as our older cat has started to leave us "little messages" outside his litter tray. She thought there might be a behavioural problem. Sadly, the plug-ins haven't sorted that out, we're still investigating. However, the two cats DO share a home with a Boston Terrier and, while the breed is known for its love of other animals, there ARE occasions when the atmosphere is a tad fraught! The cats, particularly the old boy, appear more chilled out!

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