04/20/18 | K Gahagan

Canada cat litter

I usually buy Tigerino Nuggies and am on just now to order it after buying this, Cats seem to kick it everywhere and finding it all over the house, which I never get with nuggies. Good in the tray though and nice scent.

09/28/17 | July

It has changed

This used to be my favourite litter: it clumped perfectly and I loved that it was unscented. But lately it seems that have changed the composition: it seems to have a light scent and it's more dusty and less clumping. It's too pricey for the results it has now, so I will try something else.

06/18/17 | Marta

Good sand

Good sand, clumps very well and doesn't smell. However, it needs at least 6cm to clump, otherwise will get stuck to the bottom of the litter tray and is very difficult to remove, sticking in the scoop as well. Also my cat takes it out, and, as the litter tray is in the toilet, the litter forms a cement on the floor or the bath mat if they are wet. Not flushable. I'll try another litter next time.

04/24/17 | Heidi

used to order this but receipt changed

used to order this for 2 of my cats, but from a recent buy, it seems that they have added some blue clay ish thing in, and the sand is really dusty now. it stated unscented, but it definitely have added some scent in the new formula. My cats doesn't seem to care, but it is really dusty when I clean the litter!

04/21/17 | P Brown


Tried this litter after reading rave reviews so I was curious. It was great for about a week - it clumps like a dream and is hardly dusty - but after that it just smelled terrible, no matter how clean we kept the litter box. Cat is raw fed and hardly leaves a smell so it's actually the litter that stinks! Even keeping it 10cm deep and regularly topped up with fresh litter didn't help. Back to Oko plus for us!

03/28/17 | Fiona Williams

I think the recipe has changed

This used to be brilliant litter but unfortunately it has started to be very dusty and has a smell to it when it is meant to be unscented.


More cons than pros

Pros, I've tried many different types and brands of litter and this is the best at clumping and totally masks unpleasant smells, our cats love it. BUT, it tracks everywhere, and I do mean everywhere, it's got a texture like sand and it looks like our cats have had a beach party and we have an enormous litter tray with high sides. It's also very pricey for something that our cats toilet in. I've got 1 bag left and I won't be ordering anymore, the tracking is just too bad.

02/22/17 | Jazzy

Was expecting miracles

After reading all the great reviews on here I was expecting to find, at last, the best ever cat litter! But how wrong was I? I'm so disappointing with this product. Firstly it's like fine sand so I had to purchase a fine cat litter scoop. I put loads in the tray (15cm) which makes it sooo heavy, and my cats wee still manages to soak through to the bottom getting stuck on the bottom of the tray. It's a military effort cleaning it each evening and I seem to spend about 10 minutes sifting and panning for cat poo and wee, urgh. Topped off my the most horrendous smell which makes me gag. It's a week tomorrow I filled it and I think I'm going to have to empty the whole lot and refill. I have 2 massive bags of the stuff to get through too ..... will definitely go back to Catsan which in my opinion is the best I've found for easiness and minimal smell.

01/28/17 | Laura

Clumps well. Tracks everywhere!

I have been using TigCanada for years because my cats took to it and it's mostly good so I was afraid of wasting money on something new that my cats wouldn't use. I'm so fed up of the tracking though. Litter gets everywhere around my house! The different scents are nice and as long as my cats bury their business their smell is contained and it's very easy to clean out the clumps. Sometimes they break up or it can get stuck to the tray but it works fairly well. It is very dusty to pour in though.

12/14/16 | Elizabeth

Great clumping, tracks everywhere, sticks to cats feet :-(

I'm giving this litter 3* as I have very mixed feelings about it. Positives: - Clumps really well, and this makes it very easy to clean the litter box. - Nice scent, which after 2 weeks hasn't changed or become intermingled with cat pee smell, probably because it clumps so well. - Good price as it seems to be lasting a good amount of time with 3 cats (all outdoor cats, but 2 who prefer to go indoors 99% of the time due to growing up in a desert!) Negatives: - To get it to clump so well, you need it 10-15cm deep, as suggested. My cats seem to manage to flick this everywhere as they like to have a dig before doing their business, and again afterwards. We have wooden floors so it's easy to see how far this is going. - tracking. Not only does it get flicked everywhere, but the cats get lots stuck to their feet. Jack(cat) managed to walk it from the litter box upstairs, all the way down onto the sofa, where he then grooms himself. - ingestion. Needless to say, with the amount of litter sticking to the cats feet, im worried about the amount they are potentially ingesting. Overall, pleased with price, clumping and smell but unhappy with tracking, mess and potentially being ingested by the cats. Was previously using World's Best Cat litter, which I think is expensive in comparison, and although it clumped well, the biodegradable litter did start to take on smell, even when cleaned regularly. However, tracking not such an issue, and being biodegradable is less likely to be harmful is eaten when grooming. Very tempted to switch back.

02/25/16 | Nicoletta

Tracks everywhere

This litter smells really nice, especially the baby powder version. It clumps pee quite well but does awful job when it comes to my cat's poop. It falls apart and there are little pieces everywhere. We have to vacuum every day because the white sand is everywhere.


nothing special

I bought this on the basis of the good reviews, but wasn't impressed. I have been using Sanicat pro clumping gold for my 4 cats, but thought this might be better. It isn't. It comes in a massive plastic sack which was so heavy I had to drag it to the trays, I couldn't lift it. It wasn't particularly good at odour control. And when I came to wash out the tray, I found that wee'd upon remnants had stuck like cement. For a clumping microgranule litter I will return to Sanicat.


Clumps well - too well!

At first I loved the fact that I could lift out the firm clumps leaving the rest of the litter intact. Also, it doesn't smell which is good. But being clay-based when it gets wet it becomes almost like concrete and very difficult to remove from the scoop and the tray itself. I have used tons of hot water to get both clean so I won't be buying it again.

04/19/15 | Joanne

Good but....

This is a good ultra fine litter which clumps very well but like a previous reviewer on the offer page one of my cats has suffered fur loss on her legs & tum where she comes into contact with the litter. Consequently I'm not reordering!

03/17/15 | David

No Scent

Fantastic cat litter however none of the promised scent which is very disappointing. Very strange as the babypowder scented one has a great scent.

01/21/15 | Rachel

None of the promised scent??

I've bought the unscented Tigerino before and found its fairly good on the clumping/longevity front for the cost. I wanted to try something scented but didn't fancy the baby powder one so thought i'd try this. Really I should've just saved the £2 extra and stuck with the unscented as this has absolutely no scent at all. I don't know if its old stock, or a dodgy batch but i'm a bit dissappointed really!

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