07/14/18 | anne hanley

Best and I've tried a few

Excellent clumping use large storage box with lid and a hole cut in the side 4 cats use 2 boxes and 1 bag between the 2 lasts 4 wks scoop every day tried other litter this is the best



It is pretty good. Having 2 house cats including a large Maine Coon boy I've always tried to use the best odour absorbing litters. It clumps very well making cleaning easy and cost efficient. I have found that using a deep layer (a good 4 inches) in a large tray prevents it welding to the bottom of the tray as other reviewers have reported. The only downside for me is that it is so fine and lightweight that a lot ends up outside the tray.



This cat litter is one of the best I've found. Smell free (if you clean every 2-3 days like I do, cats use it only at night). Clumps are solid and stay (mostly) together, relatively dust-free and small size of sand means the cats don't trail it too much. Generally there is only a small semi-circle of few sand grains around the door of the litter tray where the long-haired cat has shook her paws. I would recommend it any day.


Great price and quality!

This is one of the litters I keep coming back to. It's quite affordale, nice quality and forms tight clumps that are easy to clean. Like all clay based litters it's a bit dusty and like all litter, it trails. I suppose litter that's made out of larger particles or wood etc is "better" if you're worried about trailing and dust but this makes cleaning the litter box easy and the cats love it. I recommend this!


Great clumping is not good for me

This is one of the few fine clumping cat litters one can find that are unscented and are reasonably priced. Previously my favourite was Biokats unscented, but it has been withdrawn so I tried this. It is a great litter, it clumps very well, there is some dust but I can handle it, and there is no odour. However, I have a particular problem with my cat's habit to pee on the walls of the litter tray. This means that good clumping ability = clumps glued on the tray walls. Cleaning the tray and the scoop is much more difficult than it was with Biokats (whose clumps tend to break more easily). This is not a problem with the litter, but for practical reasons I will now try the scented Biokats micro. I hope the smell won't be unbearable as I don't like perfumes.

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