08/12/20 | Roxy

no smell, last long

Last very long, no smell of poop or urine. Clamping very good.

04/27/20 | Jenny Collins

Good clumping litter

I'm very pleased with this product

11/07/18 | Lisa M

Best so far

Decided to try this as my experience with master grey clumping wasn't as great. Prior to that we used catsan non clumping. This is better, haven't had half as much tracking as before. It clumps incredibly well and solid not as wet like as master grey. No smell is good, litter always looks clean and fresh. It also doesn't stick to the bottom like glue - we fill the trays high to avoid this but with the cats digging it can still happen. Definitely keeping with this litter for now

09/07/18 | I.S.

Amazing litter

Having 4 cats, this litter is a godsend. It is dirt cheap for what it is, clumps incredibly - so much better than other litters I've tried. It doesn't leave a lingering smell, there is no dust other than when you completely refill the trays, and it lasts for a very long time. I'd say a bag usually lasts at least a month, sometimes more. Even the pickiest cat will use this litter, scented and unscented versions. Highly recommended!


Does exactly what it says on the packet!

Previously used a litter which tracked and was very dusty. After reading the reviews I ordered with confidence! Not disappointed. It stays in the tray and as it’s a powder it doesn’t track with my cat! Amazing the way it clumps! I literally took out three scoops! No pet odour at all!👏👌

05/16/18 | Skye

So good!

Great clumping , last ages,smell is good & odour control is great . Only wish it was a little cheaper as bag size has been reduced . Cat love it

04/26/18 | Natacha

Trigerino Canada sensitive

My cat doesn't like litter with added scent so the sensitive one is perfect for him. Originally, I was using Catsan but this is 100% better. Doesn't smell, clumps really well and lasts forever. Tracks a little but with a good litter mat it doesn't go much further than a few steps around the box. Happy kitty, happy cat mommy! :)


The best litter

I tried a lot of them but this one is my favourite and my cats.

01/26/18 | Fiona Dean

I'll never use another litter

I have the 1 cat - Jeffy. He's really fussy when it comes to using the bathroom, and as a cat mom I've grown fussy with him. I've purchased every litter type you can think of! My main concerns with cat litters are: Will my cat like it? - He loves it! Does it enhance the smell? - It reduces the smell, amazing. Is it easy to clean? - Yes, clumping makes it really easy to discard of used litter. Does it track? - It does, but the 3 previous points matter more, so it's a damn good compromise.

11/19/17 | Beata

great product

our cats love that litter, had few different but this one seems to be the one they like, small grains so not so hard for paws, its not so dusty we mix it with tigerino silica and it works well, it does trace a little bit when cats run out of litter boxxxx as we have Ragdolls so long fur.

06/22/17 | Laura

Best Cat Litter ever

We are using this cat litter for some years now and are very pleased with it. Absorbs fabulously, no smell, no dust, the cats are happy :-).


Great clumping litter

This litter is great if you want clumping litter. I recommend a good mat underneath to catch the little bits that fall out on your cats paws.


Best cat litter ever. No dust!

It's unscented and there is 99% less dust than any other dust-free cat litter I've ever tried. It also lasts a very long time because it's so absorbant. Can't recommend it highly enough.

05/11/17 | ECK

Best litter I've ever bought!

Well, not usually any good at writing these reviews. Having had cats for a long time, cat litter has always been something I've struggled with, some don't mask the smell, some track and end up being scattered everywhere and some are just so cheap they're useless! However, I found comfort with catsan which has been really good. Then I found this product, read the reviews and thought 'it's £19 for 30kg, so let's give it a try'. My two kittens were scattering catsan everywhere, I weaned them onto this Canadian litter and the first tray I put down was an instant hit!! The following day, I got rid of all the other litter and swopped for this and I've not looked back! For me, what stands out is that there is little odour when poo has been covered. My two kittens found this litter easier to cover their poo and the whiff of poo went quite quickly. Also when the kittens do a wee, when I've scooped up the wee soaked litter, it holds it shape and usually like rounded clumps of wee. This has made cleaning the debris out daily a much easier task. The wee and poo that are covered in the litter are easy to sift with a scoop that has smaller holes than the standard poo scoop. Am hesitant at trying the scented litter, maybe a sample pack would be good to offer.

04/15/17 | Sharon

Great value clumping litter

My cat is very fussy and only likes to use fine grain litter. It's gentle on his paws and clumps better that any others I've tried. It does track a little and the layer has to be deep enough to be effective but overall it's great. I find I don't have to clean the full tray out as often , picking out the clumps of waste daily is a breeze it clumps that well. It traps the smells too providing your cat covers it's waste.

03/07/17 | Phil

One of the best clumping cat litters

I love this cat litter it clumps really good making life easy with the scope. The baby powder smell smells nice and covers up cat number 2s smell really well. This is a heavy cat litter so if you carry your litter tray around to empty it this may not work for you. You need a good deep layer in The litter tray to stop it sticking to the bottom of the tray if you don't this stuff is like concrete and hard to get off the bottom. The clumps once they have had time to harden will not break apart like other clumping litters I've tried. This litter works perfect in the omega paw rolling litter box.

02/26/17 | Crazy cat lady!

Best cat litter around

Always used catsan with my cats, had occasional accidents around the house and not in the tray! Was constantly stepping on hard lumps of catsan which really hurts! Tried this as had read good reviews and it is fantastic! Neo (my 7kg BSH) jumped into the tray straight away for a wee! No odour at all, wees clump together into a ball which is so easy to take out and honestly does not smell at all! Poos are easily hidden for cats that like a dig, you must fill the tray up more than normal but this avoids annoying regular changing (with catsan I would change every two days) does leave a slight trail but come on guys we all decided to have pets in our houses so that's a slight sacrifice for a happy cat! Also great price for two bags on Zooplus at the moment!


Happy cats

We have two cats so they have two litters. We used to buy World's best. When I first bought the tigerino litter, I only put it in one of the litter. Both cats immediately stopped going to the litter which had World's best and switch for that one. I assume they know what they are doing! It also clumps really well, which is handy.

02/13/17 | Bernadette

My quest has ended perfect litter

I have had cats on and off all my life and I have tried to find the perfect litter - a quest that every cat owner has undertaken. Fine granules with a hint of a smell but no dust which is perfect.It was only when it was used that I saw how great this was. The clumps can be lifted in one piece easily and you can remove all soiled litter so you are left with a tray that looks like it's been freshly cleaned. Little tracking think a large bag will last - highly recommended


What a difference

Swapped my usual supermarket brand clumping for this as I wanted something with less dust. After 2 years I wasn't sure whether my medium hair tabby would mind the change but he used it straightaway. There is virtually no dust so less cleaning and wheezing for me. The clumping is amazing and really holds in the smells. Tracking is also minimal. I've hardly had to top it up as you only remove waste. The mild scent also lasts. There is no way I'm returning to the cheaper supermarket litter.