09/04/23 | Maciej
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Not great

Our cats liked it at first but quickly got tired of it and now refuse to eat it. The composition looks good on the label but the food is full of little bits of mixed bone and lumps of fat. It also gets stale and unappetizing very quickly and when left untouched for a while it just goes straight to the bin.
18/08/21 | Michelle
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I tried this instead of gourmet perle wet packs for 5 cats and this was a flop. I now have the best fed hedgehogs passing through my garden. One cat ate some of it and the birds like it but without a gravy this is not working for mine at all. Back to the search for wet pack alternatives that they will eat with their dry RC nuts.
14/05/20 | Jessica
catalog.explore.reviews.rating.accessibility.label: 2/5

My cats didnt like it...

I saw so many good reviews about Animonda Carny that I decided to buy. for my two cats Unfortunately none of them liked it. The older one doesnt come near the food and the younger one tried a little bit, and decided to leave it aside. Its a pity they dont sell the small tin to test first. I would have bought one for trial instead of having other 5 cans closed here (probably I will donate them for a cat shelter).