18/08/21 | Michelle
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I tried this instead of gourmet perle wet packs for 5 cats and this was a flop. I now have the best fed hedgehogs passing through my garden. One cat ate some of it and the birds like it but without a gravy this is not working for mine at all. Back to the search for wet pack alternatives that they will eat with their dry RC nuts.
14/05/20 | Jessica
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My cats didnt like it...

I saw so many good reviews about Animonda Carny that I decided to buy. for my two cats Unfortunately none of them liked it. The older one doesnt come near the food and the younger one tried a little bit, and decided to leave it aside. Its a pity they dont sell the small tin to test first. I would have bought one for trial instead of having other 5 cans closed here (probably I will donate them for a cat shelter).