02/05/19 | Doris Kilty
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Like & no like

House cats not like & Outdoor cats like
14/10/17 | Andrea
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Good but

Have bought this a couple of times now and the cats seem to enjoy it most of the time. My big worry is the beef content, there is far too much in every variety. Not knowing the source of the beef is worrying, when I think back to times of mad cow disease, I always worry about beef in pet foods.
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Great value - Cats over-grooming

Occasionally dented cans. Nice look to product. A bit short on jelly, good meat content. My two Burmese eat about 1 large can a day. Recently, they have exhibited signed of over-grooming and itchy skin on legs and belly. I swapped to Whiskers pouches (chicken and fish from local supermarket) and they eat loads more but their skin irritation and over-grooming has ceased and fur is returning in those areas. I will cycle brands more.
16/02/17 | Melody
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Good value

High meat content and doesn't smell too bad. My cats love it. They have been eating animonda carny since kitten. Great value esp with the 800g tin, Would be nice if there are more flavour choices.
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Mixed bag

I bought this as I was attempting to move away from the cheap supermarket and dry food my rescue cat was accustomed to. The mixed trial I though would let me know what she liked and didn't like however the lack of English labelling left me judging what was what by the colour of banding on the can and the use google translation services. It certainly looks like by products - a bit fatty, very smelly and leaves very stinky poo's but cat loved most varieties. The beef and multi cocktail didn't go down too well but the chicken and rabbit have been a huge success. I've moved to the 200g cans as she's quite a small cat and saves leaving can open too long.
catalog.explore.reviews.rating.accessibility.label: 4/5

Poor Tums

The cats appeared to like this, sadly even though I was converting them very slowly two of the cats had pretty awful diarrhoea, once the carney was stopped they went back to normal so I gave it another go and the same thing happened, which was a real shame as it looks and smells much better than a lot of other foods. I did notice that the food had quite a lot of fat in it so I’m assuming it’s this that was upsetting the cat’s stomachs. The food is very high quality but would be much better with a lower fat content, hence only giving it 4 stars.