23/04/18 | dt
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mixed bag

I bought mixed pack 1, all cats ate it. Then I bought mixed pack 2, 4/8 would not eat it. They have never turned down any wet food before. I don't know if its a bad batch or just the different flavors in mixed pack 2 are not nice. The code on bottom on mixed pack 2 tins implies from another factory.
28/06/16 | Maria Green
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My 2 girls aren't keen.

I'm a week in to transitioning my 2 female Siberian cats from kitten to cat food. After doing some research on wet cat food 'meat content versus price' I came across Animonda Carny. This has much more goodness in and around 50% meat but kg for kg works out the same price as leading brands available in the supermarket that have less than 10% meat. So far a week in, neither of my girls are that keen and one turns to the dry food I put out over this. It could well be because they are used to pouches that are a lot wetter so I'm going to have one last attempt and try the Animonda Carny - meat saucer which I'm hoping is a gravy variety as opposed to a more solid meat like all the other flavours. I agree with a previous reviewer that there seem to be lumps of fat in the tins but cats need some fat in their food so it doesn't worry me too much. I would recommend this if your cats are used to the solid tinned foods but not so much if they aren't. As my cats have a top quality dry food and are on L-lysine, probiotics and dental supplements I will go back to a high street brand if I have to as all other quality wet cat foods I have found cost considerably more. Wish me luck!
26/03/16 | Berger
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Used to be excellent

These used to be the best value 'real' grain-free food that my cats would eat. However, in the last 6 months the meat is noticeably fuller of hard fat particles and gets very unappetising after the initial opening. The 400g remain ok.
10/02/16 | Maureen
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Our 2 wouldn't go near it

Seems like decent ingredients but advise buying a small tin to test first. Our 2 cats wouldn't touch it.