21/03/19 | Greg
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This is definitely the best investment we made last year. After empty food bowls in the house each morning (emptied by all and sundry cats in the neighbourhood) AND a very vicious cat fight in the kitchen between one of our cats and another neighbouring cat we decided to try the Sureflap. It works brilliantly keeping out all other cats except our 2. Extremely happy with it. One small problem is that Pickle leaves through the cat flap quite slowly and it doesn't always close shut properly.
26/12/18 | Adam
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I'm gutted, even though it's a great product

Unfortunately, like only 1 other reviewer, this product seems to be ineffective for my situation. Bought 2 and the greedy cat took to it immediately, but the one who likes to graze won't go near it. He doesn't want to put his head under the arch, and the motor sound terrifies him. Alas, I was so excited for this and feel really sad. Otherwise it's a great product.
14/12/18 | Jackie
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At last!

I didn’t think my daft cat was going to get it but after almost 6 weeks he’s had a eureka moment and ‘by Jove he’s got it’! We have one cat on a special diet so now he’s learned which bowl is his and all going well. Great idea just give it time and they will get it eventually. Only one design flaw is when on trainer mode the light constantly flashes draining the battery and as with our stupid cat got through lots during that phase.
15/09/18 | Christina
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A problem solved

I put a few treats in the bowl and my cat's chip was registered straight away. The learning process is well designed. My fussy grazer learned to use this within a few days. Now I can leave her food down, safe in the knowledge my other cat - an ex-stray, rubbish bag raider who is *always* hungry - can't steal it. Only negatives are the box wasn't glued together properly and fell apart when opened. And I find the open/close switch sometimes doesn't register it was pressed.
catalog.explore.reviews.rating.accessibility.label: 4/5

Sureflap give great customer service

I have had one of these for years and with 2 cats in and out it has worked hard. It is great that other cats can't get in, because our cats need to know they are safe from the local tomcat tearaway. Anyway if bits have worn over the years a quick look at sureflap website gives access to trouble shooting guides and videos. The customer support team get back to you really quickly and help sort it out. I would definitely buy one again.
03/12/17 | PAUL BROWN
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works well but draughty and noisy

change from a standard flap to a micro chip flap . neighbours cat would get in and eat all the food. programming realatively easy. batteries only last 4 months of 4 cats in and out 24/7 and when they do fail it jus fails by ticking open and closed ALL the time day and night till they are changed. its loud.... loud enough to wake you up and the door has a gap between the insulation and the tunnel,,, so its draughty but it does work. noisy and draughty sorryp
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Very good quality cat flap

This cat flap is as good as previous reviews but I cannot for the life of me work out how to programme for the evening In Only mode so I have to do it manually at night and in the morning. The instructions need to be much clearer; I think there is a stage missing.
16/07/17 | Louise
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I bought these because the pup kept stealing the cat's food and one cat would lick all the juice off her sister's food! It is a really good product and only got 4 stars because it just won't read the cat's microchips so they've had to wear collars and use the discs intead. I have since moved to the middle east and we have had a phalax of ants makings an exploratory foray in to the kitchen - the seal has kept the ants out of the dishes! And those ants are tiny, like a grain of sand :D
01/07/17 | Sarah
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Great Door

We got this one as we have got 3 cats one of them is a Maine coon and he fits through fine at first we thought they would never get used to it we taped it open so they could use to going through the hole that was fine we then shut it and they took about a week to figure it out it took alot of treats and praise now they use it all the time
catalog.explore.reviews.rating.accessibility.label: 4/5

No more unwanted visitors

I bought this recently as we had an 'intruder' in the house a few times which was causing my kitten a lot of distress. Took a few days to get used to it, especially as the flap was smaller than the original flap but after about 4 or 5 days he was using it happily enough. He hasn't quite worked out that other cats can't get in but he is settling down and is less stressed than he was. I just hope he doesn't get too big for the hole as it would mean getting a new glazed panel with a bigger hole.
15/03/15 | Colin
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Great, but watch out for escape artists

We've owned the standard SureFlap microchip cat flap for a couple of years and recently upgraded to the dual scan after getting a 6 month old Bengal kitten as we wanted to keep him indoors whilst allowing free exit and entry for our existing cat. Build quality of the updated flap is of the same high quality, if not slightly better with uprated draught exclusion. The principle of the dual scan is excellent, however the Bengal learned within 2 weeks that if he follows right behind the other cat whilst he is going outside, the kitten can get out too before it latches. So, a good product but if it's critical that a cat stays indoors, don't rely entirely on the cat flap to keep him in.
12/09/14 | John T
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Good but why no cover?

This does the job well. But there's just one issue. When you lock it, there's no cover you can slide over the door like with some other cat flaps. How is the cat going to know... So you end up with a very confused and distressed puss pawing at a locked door wondering why they can't get out as normal.
15/05/14 | Sue Wake
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Wish I'd got the larger one!

Great product but really wish I'd bought the larger one. All 3 of my cats struggle to get through the flap. Currently using with free entry and exit to give them a chance to get used to the tight squeeze. If your cat is over 6kg, I recommend you buy the larger one! Can't fault the delivery service, ordered on the Saturday before a bank holiday and here on the Tuesday. Excellent.
11/04/14 | CrabbyHorse
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Our scaredy cat

We used to have an ordinary flap at the entrance to a tunnel through house wall, but other cats were coming in. The Sureflap works perfectly except that our cat was totally spooked by the dropping of the latch and the accompanying clicking noise when he was in the middle of the tunnel coming in (and this is the newer quieter model). He made ungainly exits, rear-end first, back onto the patio! So we had to go back to the basics to regain his confidence going through the tunnel. First with a bare tunnel, then the flap with no batteries (no click) and propping the flap open, then the flap closed and finally the batteries back. I put strips of black insulating tape at the bottom of the flap so that he couldn't see the latch dropping either. This did the trick, and now, three weeks after the initial installation he is at last coming in - and the neighbour's cat - who was using it all through this period, is thwarted! Great product and a very helpful help-desk at Sureflap.
20/02/14 | Janie
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It's made all the difference...

Cat flap arrived promptly. Replaced old one with no probs. Have two cats who have used a flap for previous 2 years. One cat got the hang of it straight away; the second is much more nervous and it's taken a month of coaxing to finally get her through - she was scared of the 'click' noise that it makes as it opens. Food was the best bribery. Bit of a hassle to get her to use it but no Toms seem to have visited; so no nasty smells or food guzzled by visitors.
24/06/13 | Russ
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Almost perfect

I have had one of these for a year now. We had trouble with feral farm cats getting in and this device stopped them for a while. Our cats love to poke their heads in and make the electric switch click, this runs down the batteries in about 4 months. No big deal. The main problem is the the bottom of the door does not have enough mass to positvely close after each cat passes so, on a windy day it can remain just unlatched. That's enough for Ginger Tom from the farm to dive in and cause havoc. I solved this by putting some sticky backe lead tyre balancing weights on the bottom of the door. Now it closes every time, denying GT his spary fest.