24/03/21 | Amalia
catalog.explore.reviews.rating.accessibility.label: 1/5

Terrible at tracking

This litter clumps occasionally but if you have more than 1 cat, I would advise you to choose something else. It tracks like hell. I find little pieces of the litter everywhere in the house. It is mad how much I have to vacuum daily (multiple times per day in fact). I would not recommend this litter.
28/05/19 | Xiang C
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Won’t buy again.

I brought a 5kg bag of this litter from a local pet shop to try it out. The odor control was excellent, clumping was good enough also, very gental for my kitchen’s paws pad, and won’t stick on his long fur. So I brought This one. But clumping is bad enough- it does clump, only sometimes. When it doesn’t clump, wet small pieces loose litter everywhere. Until the smell as bad as a box has something gone bad and hasn’t opened for 10 years. I clean his litter box every day or every two days.
23/11/18 | Kate
catalog.explore.reviews.rating.accessibility.label: 1/5

Not for my cats

Cats used the Cat's Best Original Cat litter and were happy with that, so was I, very good clumpling, great odor control and no waiste. Thought this one would be better but is so much worse. Clumping is somewhat there and then it´s not - it breaks up into pieces with wet soil mixed with dry pellets surrounding it. Odour control is worse then the original was. Going back to Original and throwing this one away.