27/11/22 | Athanassia
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Excellent cat litter for long-haired cats

My cat is Siberian.Long fur,3 layers, dense undercoat,furry paws.It is really important to have as little dust and as less tracking as possible. The best litter I have ever tried was Applaws but I cannot find it anymore. 2nd best is this one. It does clump fully but only after, say, 15 minutes. If you clean the tray as soon as the cat goes, it will partly fall apart.I use 2 scoops, 1 dense for urine, 1 with larger spaces for poop. I clean the tray at least once a day. The more, the better!
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We change our kitten litter 2 by month and keep clean every day. It controls the smells very well and it is easy to clean. Clamping is good too.
22/06/21 | Lily
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Really happy!

By far the best litter I've ever tried on Zooplus! Good odour control, clumps well and quite fast too in my opinion. It does track a little but it is also very easy to spot and clean up. Will use this litter from now on :D
25/11/20 | Marty
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Problem solved!

This is the best solution I have discovered till now.
05/05/20 | Gala
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Thanks for excellent product on ZOOPLUS .
26/12/18 | Jess
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Best litter available!

Having three house cats has always been messy, I have used Cat’s Best for years and been happy with it apart from the tracking...it gets everywhere! By the time I’ve hoovered the stairs and turned back round there is more there! Decided to try the smart pellets despite the price difference and I am not disappointed. Tracking is virtually non-exsistent especially as my cats have litter trays that they jump out of so it falls off them. I’m so pleased I changed and won’t be going back!
23/10/18 | Paula Brading
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Fantastic Product (so far!)

I have only switched to this litter recently but, so far, I love it! I very nearly didn't buy it because of all the negative reviews, but I'm so glad I decided to try it for myself - it's amazing! Virtually no tracking, clumps brilliantly, no odour, and no dust! It's much more expensive than other brands of litter, but it's worth every penny in my mind. I was using the Oko Plus version before, which is great but is dusty & tracks really badly - this is SO much better!
21/10/18 | Jen
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Best for my cat

I have 3 cats. My ancient tabby lives in my bedroom. He seems to be a litter magnet and you can appreciate that I don't want to be walking on cat litter in bare feet. This is the first cat litter I have tried that didn't get all over the room including all over my bed. It doesn't clump as well as the ordinary Cat's Best which I use for my other 2 cats but as he is in my bedroom I remove the clumps twice a day and I haven't had any trouble with dust.
19/10/18 | Kat
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After all this negative comments I wasn’t sure but I have decided to try it and it didn’t disappoint me! My ragdoll doesn’t drag the litter through whole bathroom anymore (I had to hover 3times a day). Clumping is ok this is a bit different structure of litter so just need 10/15mins to soak up and is doing the job, you can remove everything in one go without leaving anything inside. The best choice ever!
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Very good product

My Ragdoll cat leaves very little of this litter on the carpet. I have floor cushioning where my cat litter box is located but I do have a piece of carpet in front of the litter box so I don't get litter on the hard floor. It clumps together so is easy to remove, there is no smell from the litter box. I recommend this product, it is economical to use.
13/08/17 | Eloise
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Very little tracking and dust

After trying numerous cat litters, I found this to be by the best for minimal tracking and dust whilst being effective at clumping. World's Best is better at clumping but only because there is more dust to help with the process and I'd rather not have the dust blowing around and my cat sneezing!
06/02/17 | Miranda
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The best litter by far

This litter is perfect for our two indoor cats as there is absolutely no tracking round the house and the clumping aspect is really effective which reduces a lot of wastage when cleaning out the litter trays. The secret is to let the clumps harden slightly before removing them which prevents them falling apart. The price is definitely worth it.
05/02/17 | Jenney Robinson
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Best I've Found

I have 2 indoor cats one with long hair. This litter makes very little mess and absorbs wetness and stalls very well. It's flushable too so win win.
05/02/17 | MARY
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Happy Ragdoll

Have tried all types of cat litter. This is by far the best for my ragdoll and me! She is happy using it and it doesn't trail all-round the house, doesn't stick to her long fur, no horrible smells and lasts a long while, I do take the lumps out daily. Have been ordering from Zooplus for a few years they have always been very quick to deliver, very happy with them, never had any problems, and will definitely be ordering from them again.
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Happy days!

Great for my cute exotic shorthair persian cross. Avoids turning the flat in a gigantic cat litter! Makes daily clean mess free and easy too!
08/09/16 | Keith Jones
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Long Haired Cats

This is best litter by far for long haired cats, we have three Birman's usually the litter is everywhere but not with this brand.
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Still Best Cat Litter

I have two large cats, one elderly who pees a lot and this is the best litter I have tried so far, it doesn't smell and the last bag I had lasted 4 1/2 weeks. As with the clumping I found it depends on two things, the style of the cat pee (yes there really is one) and how much litter is left in the tray. Both my cats leave different shaped clumps the elderly a cone shape the younger a pancake. If the litter is nearly used it doesn't clump so well so I know its time to change it, easy.
25/10/15 | Sally Brookes
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Cat Litters Best

This definitely the best clumping litter I have ever used. Expensive but worth it.
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The Best

This is the best cat litter I have ever used and now always buy it. It is easy to deal with and to dispose (down the toilet). Highly recommended and Zooplus always has it at a good price.
15/04/15 | Dags
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almost perfect...

This litter is great overall; the litter itself has a very pleasant smell, does not track very much, masks odours very well and cats love it. However, it does seem impossible to prevent contamination of clean litter with soiled bits falling off the main clump..this is not surprising given the larger pellet size and to expect this litter to clump as efficiently as clay litter would be unreasonable. For this reason I do have to change the whole tray contents every week. For me, tracking and odour masking is a priority so for this purpose, this litter is great (and the cats must like it, obviously). If you want litter that clumps well and you don't mind sweeping up, look somewhere else. I suffer from asthma and this litter does not produce any dust so is good for all of us.