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Not clumping very well

We have two ragdoll and this is the worst litter we have every used.....our cats did have less litter on the floor BUT it is super difficult to clean since all clumps just fall apart.... take ages to clean. We will never ever buy it again..
19/01/18 | Chantal
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Why do they always change a good thing?!

We've used this litter for over a year as it was the one that reduced odour and reduced tracking best. However, they recently changed the formula and now the pellets are smaller, and it doesn't clump quite as well as it used to. Worst of all though, every day I have to clean up all the tracked littler again. We have a rag doll so are limited in the little types we can use. It's so disappointing that they changed the formula. We are ordering a different brand next time. :(
26/10/15 | Winnie
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Poor Odor Control

There's very little tracking and dust, but extremely poor odor control. We have to change the litter very frequently and it doesn't clump that well so it's hard to scoop.
01/08/15 | Robin
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Be prepared to throw a lot of litter away

I agree with other reviewers in that it handles the smell well, there is very little tracking/dust, and it does not stick to fur. However, with a normal scoop, it is hard to separate the soiled bits from the clean ones. And the clumps break easily apart leaving soiled bits behind that can be hard to see. I have only been using it a few days and in only 1 tray, and have throw a lot of good litter away, which is a shame (and expensive!).