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My go to litter

I like this litter a lot, it’s harder for my girls to spray it out of the boxes and they really like it. There’s no dust or smell from it and the chunky pellets last a reasonable length of time. Not fantastic at odour control but definitely not the worst out there by far. It is a more expensive option but it’s a good product
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Very good but the bag was broken when received it...

Really absorb the odor but the bag was broken when I received it which could be improved
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Seems to have changed formula

Been using for 5 years, selected favourite after much trial and error. However The formula seems to have changed and it is no longer clumping as before. Please change it back!
02/03/16 | mary
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happy. but.

have 2 ragdoll cats. Have used Cats best nature gold for a long while and am happy with it, There is no tracking and contains odours well but it doesn't seem to clump very well. will continue to use it as its the best for no tracking. Has it changed and why?
29/07/15 | Josefine
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What's happened to the clumping?

Have been using this litter for about 3 years and all of a sudden the clumps are not holding together anymore! Just the last few months something seems to have been changed in the formula. Has anybody else noticed same? It's not the same as before at all. Always used to be so easy to remove the clumps but not now, a bit of a nightmare to catch all the bits that fall off, sometimes the clump disintegrates altogether! I'm at a point of starting to look for another litter now. Still gave this 4 starts as it keeps tracking and smells down to a minimum.
08/12/14 | namford
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Great product

Good clumping, smell control is ok (average). Main plus is that this does not track round the house! Even for short haired cats, this is great. The light colour makes it easy to find the bits to remove and the clumping is good. Overall very good, would give 5 stars if smell control was perfect.
09/08/13 | Shakireh
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best I've used so far...

I have two 5 month old kittens and have tried a few litters recently, namely Yesterday's News, World's Best and World's Best multi-cat. So far this is the best I've tried for a few reasons: it has no smell of its own and is excellent for the odour, it's a nice light colour so you can actually see and fish out the cat poo quite easily and also there is no major dust issue. My one complaint is that the clumping action isn't great. The clumps break up very easily and you end up with lots of tiny urine-absorbed clumpy bits which are very hard to sift out as they are the same size as the pellets. So this does mean changing the tray much more often if you want it to stay hygienic. Another issue is that it tracks terribly, but for this I recommend an excellent tracking mat by Sage King (about to review that next!)
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Does the job!

I switched over to Nature Gold from Catsan Hygiene as it seemed kitties don't like the idea of wee staying in their box! Haven't had any accidents in the house since switching and it's great not having to do a complete litter change twice a week. I have , however, had to purchase a big Catit litter scoop as the clumps are absolutely huge! Shame as I think a lot of litter is wasted due to the size of the clumps. The clumps seem to crumble a bit sometimes as well. The odour control isn't as good as Catsan Hygiene, but a few strategically placed Neutradol room fresheners seems to have done the trick!
26/08/10 | Angela
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The best so far

I've used MANY different types of litters, my favourite was always Catsan, but this beats them all. Fantastic odour control (even with 4 house cats), very easy to removed soiled litter and the cats got used to it quite quickly (mixed with old litter first). Only downside is it does track, but so do all the others (This it the only reason I've given it 4 stars instead of 5). I certainly won't change and I won't be tempted with cheaper ones either,not now I have found one that doesn't stink!
18/07/10 | Holly Miles
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Quite good

I initially got the normal cat's best litter and find it awful...tracking everywhere, doesn't clump particularly well etc. But this litter, for not very much more is the complete opposite....clumps well and doesn't track half as much and has the added advantage of looking a bit nicer.
23/05/10 | Kirsty Bremner
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Best As Yet

My cat has medium long hair, she usually pees a lot especially when pregnant which left me completely changing her litter 3 times a day, this litter is good because it absorbs and expands and I rarely change the lot (only when disinfecting) Doesn't smell, unless the cat does a no2. I get quite a lot of trailing with her and wet litter sometimes gets stuck to her tail. Packaging is fine but delivery not - one of my bags was completely ripped due to something else piercing it and another had a hole in it.
12/09/08 | Bethsabea Olson
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Great, BUT...

Oko's Best is still the best, (no smell, lasts for ages, great clumping, flushable!) BUT, as far as not tracking, I can say that it still gets stuck to the cat's paws and can be found everywhere, maybe a bit less than the original version, but still everywhere. Also, the pellets are bigger in size than the original Oko litter, and hurt more when trodden on barefooted! So, I will keep on buying the original, slightly cheaper, and overall better.
09/09/08 | Min
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Easy to scoop and ecological!

Great for eco-friendly people and easy to scoop(but not sure how eco-friendly the production method is to make it clump when wet??). Much easier to handle than non-clumping wood based litter. My cat does seem to get it everywhere but at least it tracks in pellet form and not sawdust everywhere like the non-clumping wood pellets. I have a long haired cat and it doesn't stick in his fur like the Oko-Plus flakes.
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do not flush down toilet

I have eight cats and they love this litter including 2 Persians. But do not follow the advice that it can be disposed of down the toilet - at least not with a multi cat household as I have had to clear my drain. I also wish it was in stock when I need it.