01/22/21 | Tam Jordan

Dry Food Marcus Muehle

We have 4 collies on this and one small dog on the mini. Since having this food the dogs are much healthier . there coats are shining they have more energy. 2of our dogs do agility and we find this natural food the best for our working dogs . Also it is a great price and good value


The best dog food on the market

I have a 5 year old Golden Retriever and he’s absolutely thriving on this food. He’s been eating for about 5 months now. His coat is shiny and soft, his stools are exactly how they should be (firm and easy to scoop) and he has loads of energy the whole day. It is also important to note that since he’s on this food he never farts. I recommend this food to all my friends with dogs as it’s a top quality food for the price of much lower quality dog foods.

03/29/19 | Peter, Ireland

Hungry Hungry Huskies....

I have both my Siberian Huskies on this. A great quality food at a super price when compared to more of the "pet store" large breed brands. Ingredients are very highly rated on a number of other comparison sites.


Great food

We have 2 great Danes so we use a large quantity of food, the price of this product is really competitive for a cold pressed brand! Our dogs love it & get really excited at feeding times, their condition is great too! Many thanks


Excellent Dog Food

Our 6 year old labrador has been eating this food for the past 5 and a half years and we only have positive things to say about it. He loves it; it keeps him regular; it keeps his coat looking good. Very pleased.

12/15/18 | Vicky

excellent quality, cheap food

excellent quality food and value for food. my fussy whippet enjoys this food, a bag lasts around 4 months !

11/20/18 | Christos Apostolakis

Too good to be true..

I have two mixed breeds and currently i have them on Acana and they are doing great. But i wanted a more affordable food and after reading the great reviews on this site and the high rating on allaboutdogfood i settled on MM. Imagine my dissapointment when both my dogs (not fussy eaters) stayed as far away from the food as possible. Not even a sniff. I also feed three strays which will eat pretty much anything and they wouldn' t go near the food either. Shame... Guess the search continues..

09/05/18 | Ian Davies

My dogs love it.

My greyhounds are fussy eaters so I thought I'd try this as the reviews were good. They absolutely loved it. It's much better than baked food as this is cold pressed and keeps the goodness in. It's the first dried food that both dogs tucked into and gobbled up in one go without adding any wet substance to..

08/28/18 | Nicole

Great for fussy eaters & sensitive tummies!

I have 3 dogs with very different needs. 1 who gets fat easy, 1 who loses weight too easy and has IBD and the other who is super fussy and older. This made for an always mixed feeding regime and I had to watch them all as they would try and eat each other’s food, as dogs do! After discovering Markus Mühle it has been so much easier and feeding times are much simpler. Everyone has form stools and healthy coats. Win win! The food is great quality and it is budget friendly!


Not for my dog.

First bag and will be my last.My Labrador enjoyed this food with minimal stools.My African Lion Dog enjoyed this food but produced far to many stools so will keep looking for best food for my dog.


Great dog food

My dogs have been on this food for a few years now, and they love it. Good value too.

07/16/18 | Alison Carr

Great dog food - my 3 x labradors love it

I use this dog food all the time for my 3 Labradors and they love it. Their coats really shine with health and they are full of vitality, love ball chasing. Has no artificial ingredients and has fruit & oils as well as chicken and few cereals. Good stuff.

06/02/18 | Wendy Palczynski

My Dog still Loves this food even after 4 years on it

I started using this when we got a puppy after reading lots of reviews I wanted a good dog food but not an expensive one so tried Marchus Muhle NuturNah and have never changed as if your dog food keeps your dog well healthy and active with nice formed stools why change and he loves it so much it’s like giving him dog treats rather than food. We hide the lumps found the house and our dog loves sniffing them out so feed times are like a game to him.

05/17/18 | WalkTheDog

Very economical

I was feeding my dog Barking Heads, which I liked, but need to economise. I’m very pleased with MM. My dog is greedy and will eat anything so that hasn’t been a problem. She toilets twice a day and it’s always as it should be. She has actually been less thirsty on this than on other dry food. I do feed her less than the suggested amount as she gets other rewards for training and she’s not a hyper dog. Be aware the food is very heavy so portions look stingy! Extremely economical

04/03/18 | LisaB

Mr Fussy LOVES it!

Not only was this product rated as 4.5 out of 5 on the incredibly informative allaboutdogfood website, but my very fussy 4 yr old lurcher Blue was only used to dog 'junk' food, and human food. We've only had him 2 months, and the food he came with he clearly didn't like. NaturNah came highly recommended re nutrition and goodness - I just knew he'd hate it. Wrong, he LOVES it, despite a very quick transition to it (his choice, a 50/50 mix with the old and he just ignored the old) no issues at all

03/31/18 | Allison Cameron-Dicker

Brilliant all round food

I've fed 3 of my Border Collies on this and they all have fantastic coats and no digestive problems since we started using it.. We even recommend this food when we see people who don't know what to feed thier dogs... I'll continue using it for as long as I have dogs

03/14/18 | Jane Harrison

Excellent quality food to suit a sensitive tummy

Upon adopting a rescue greyhound I went on the search for a good quality dry food that suited his more sensitive digestion (than my eat anything lurcher!). After trying a few different brands I found this suited him really well and I have looked back. Both the dogs love it and it (to me) seems more natural than most kibbles due to it being cold pressed

02/26/18 | Lorraine Reynolds

Very happy healthy dogs😍

My 3 are raw fed in evening, and for breakfast have this food which they absolutely love! Never had a bad belly, weight is stable, and poos are minimal! Would definitely recommend this dog food, plus it dose’t swell in the dogs stomach like most kibble!!!!

02/07/18 | Sian

Fantastic quality

Fantastic quality dog food. I’m the owner of 3 dogs and have tried many other dog foods over the years this is by far the best food I have used. All dogs have very shiny coats, nice size poos which is always a great sign it is not full of unnecessary fillers. I will not be changing there food all the time I am able to purchase this.

01/18/18 | Kerry Wills

Best Food

After owning dogs for years I have tried many more expensive foods but my 5 do well on this good poos they all love it even my previously picky dog. Tried myself very pleasant and cheap!

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