Smells very bad to hang around the house

Dogs were drinking loads of water, can't be good for the dogs kidneys.


Mixed Review

The various positive reviews in this site convinced us to give it a try. Our senior greyhound loves the taste but we (humans) are not pleased with the result. This dog food results in stubborn constipation. She never was constipated before. We put her back on her regular dog food and give her this dog food as a treat but her daily intake exceeds 50 g, she has hard time eliminating. She loves the taste but her stomach does not agree.

07/02/08 | Mary

not what it seems

This food comes across as very whole ingredients and good. The first time my dog ate it he threw up, and now after eating 1 bag of it he is starting to lick his paws (a sign of bad nutrition) into hot spots! When you get the bag home you will notice that the ingredients differ from what is here in that it is flour meals as first then some suspicious other ingredients, buy the better quality stuff!