11/20/18 | Christos Apostolakis

Too good to be true..

I have two mixed breeds and currently i have them on Acana and they are doing great. But i wanted a more affordable food and after reading the great reviews on this site and the high rating on allaboutdogfood i settled on MM. Imagine my dissapointment when both my dogs (not fussy eaters) stayed as far away from the food as possible. Not even a sniff. I also feed three strays which will eat pretty much anything and they wouldn' t go near the food either. Shame... Guess the search continues..

02/05/17 | Sean

My dog refused to eat

I had read lots of great reviews about this product before ordering but my Greater Swiss just refused to eat it. The only way I could get him to eat it was to mix it with canned dog food.

04/06/08 | Neil


Our dogs did not like this food, it was very dry and when water was added it went very mushy. I wouldnt buy this food again for my dog, in fact if it wasnt to much trouble I would have sent it back.Iinstead I mixed small quantities with a more pallatable brand.