01/19/17 | Krzysiek


My cocker (13kg) was struggling to eat it as chunks were to big for her. Food doesn't last long after opening (cant remember on top of my head exact) which I guess its a good sign of not being stuffed with preservatives.

03/22/16 | bella

Great food, but dog drinks too much water

This food is amazing, from the shape of kibbles which is perfect for bigger dogs which tend not to chew kibbles, this type of kibbles your dog will be forced to chew! Also, the poop is not stinky like on Royal Canine, Hills etc.I highly recommend this food if your dog suffer from diarihhea or loose stool,will firm it right away Although my dog is drinking much more water than before what results with going out more often, I will continue to use MM and combine it with Raw food in separate meal.

02/14/16 | Georgina

Good choice

I have two 2year old Bassett's and wanted a plain, unprentious dog food that is of a high standard, reasonably priced and this is one of them. My dogs coat is silky and shiny, they enjoy eating it. Good sized chunks that are good for their teeth.

11/11/15 | Ronan

excellent for the price!

This food suits my young GSD well, she has a lovely shiny coat and firm poos. My terrier doesnt do quite as well on it but he goes mental for it! now that hes got a taste of this he wont touch anything else!

05/03/15 | peter sinek

good food

my German Shepherd 'Brina'seems to enjoy this food, however it is too dry to be fed on it's own, so I mix it with some wet food...no problem with stools but it does make her drink a lot of water, so wondering whether it has a high salt content? overall, seems a great food, & zooplus often have it on special @ 1-86/kg. which makes it an excellent buy!

06/08/14 | Ken Orme

almost a 5*

Tanji our mixed breed bitch (labbies size) really likes this; pooh good solid, coat great condition. Now the downer it crumbles a heck of a lot so you end up with lots of crumbs in the bottom of the sack 1/2 kg in weight. Would of been a 5* but for that.

06/08/14 | Jude

Dogs happy to eat it

My Golden Retriever and cockapoo seem to like this food and are doing well after about 4 months on the food. Lost a star because of excessive amount of powdered food at the bottom of the sack.Service from zooplus and yodel very good.

10/11/13 | Liz

Good quality at a reasonable price, but note the kibble size!

I have a 6 month old Cavalier x toy poodle, and had to find him a decent quality food, which doesn't stink, on a budget. This food almost fits my criteria, however the kibble chunks are a bit too large for my dog. I would really advise supervising any dog whilst they eat this food, since the chunk size does present a choking risk. The size and irregularity of the chunks means that it cannot be used in conjunction with most Kong toys, unless maybe you have the extra large versions . This food has two states; solid or textureless mush if you soak it; it might be good for toothless dogs. Aside from the size of the kibble, there is another downside...it, ummmm... makes your dogs' poops massive. In future I'll be looking at Skinner's Duck and Rice, or Vitalin Maintenance rather than using Markus Muhle.

07/28/13 | Derek Williams

Good value for a quality food

Have had my dogs on this food now for about 8 weeks and they took it very easily with no side-effects. They polish off the lot. Good heavy weight kibble so you don't need to feed as much as lighter weight foods, which makes this really good value for money.

06/21/13 | Stefanie and Rufus

Read Reviews of this in Germany

I've started to switch mu new puppy from his previous food to MM after doing lots of research online. After only 1 week, his coat is looking better and his poos are starting to become more solid. I also wanted to say that I read the reviews by an independent organisation on MM in Germany (from Nov 2010) along other dog foods and it scored a 2.1 (1 being best, 5 being worst). The reason this was downgraded from a 1 is due to the feeding recommendations not being as clear as on other brands.Another reviewer further down said that it scored badly and this is correct but it was in 2006 so MM must have worked hard on their recipe!! I will continue to use it!

02/15/13 | Kilyth

Almost perfect

I got the twin pack of this and found it great value. It really suited my dog with more sensitive digestion, it was the best I've seen her do on any food in a long time. Unfortunately my short-nosed dog seemed to find the pieces too big to chew and simply refused to eat it. I would definitely buy it again if the kibble sizes were smaller, as it's the best quality I've found at a very reasonable price.

10/09/12 | Timmo

Really pleased

We have a labradoodle with a very sensitive tum who has real problems with food. Tried all the usual suspects, Royal Canin, James Wellbeloved etc but still gave him problems. Last resort was a food provided by the vet which seemed to be one step away from cardboard.....then we were recommended the Markus Muhle. Apart from the obvious pleasure of the dog, the lack of upsets and aftermath normally suffered was marked. Very pleased with it.

03/30/12 | Lynn Hopwood

Good food with a slight drawback

Put my 2 Cocker Spaniels onto this food after reading the reviews. Both dogs loved the food and it seemed to suit them both. I have one dog with a sensitive stomach and this agreed with her. She also had problems with anal glands, which this food seemed to alleviate - probably because she was pooing about 4 times a day. Seemed a lot more came out than went in!

05/18/11 | Agata

good quality

I tried this food after using Lukullus for a few months. My dog was brilliant on Lukullus (also sold at zooplus) but not so on Markus Muehle, his poops doubled in volume. I don't like the use of corn in this food either. But I give it four stars 'cause I believe it's much better than extruded foods and I will buy it from time to time give my dog some variety.

07/02/07 | Tom

An mprovement on Pedigree

I bought this food based on the price and the fact that the ingredients list was natural. I did notice that my 8 year old labrador has increased energy and her digestion seems to be better.