Not for my dog.

First bag and will be my last.My Labrador enjoyed this food with minimal stools.My African Lion Dog enjoyed this food but produced far to many stools so will keep looking for best food for my dog.

07/31/17 | Rachael Simpson

I think the maize content has caused issues.

Our Lab x loves these biscuits, but since starting him on them 2 months ago he has had chronic anal gland issues, itchy skin, and ear problems, along with very soft stools. I have come to the conclusion that, as all their other food is grain free and has long been a part of their diets, it must be the maize content causing the problems. I am switching back to Applaws grain-free, but it's a shame as my dogs love these. Only one of my dogs has been affected like this.

09/25/16 | Charlie

Dogs love it !!

I have two dogs ,one who is extremely fussy and the other who will eat everything!! From first feeding MM, my fussy one couldn't wait for dinner time!! Which is a winner to me, he still loves it now. The kibble size is quite big so I just break the pieces up and it's fine! Now for the bad bits... I have a 4 year old cocker cross who has been toilet trained for a very long time , since feeding MM , he's had 4 accidents at night ( mostly poo) This came as a bit of a shock to me as he's very good in the house. I've done some research and read that it contains maize which can cause dogs to have diarrhoea and itching. Both my dogs have been itching lots since feeding this and my other dog won't stop licking his paws!! It really is a shame as they both love the food, it's very reasonably priced and they are thriving on it.... Apart from the accidents, itching and licking paws. I like the idea of cold pressed food , so I will be trying another brand with no maize to see if the situation improves. Try it with caution and keep an eye out for side effects.

02/18/16 | Jamie Mattison

Expect incontinence

My 3 pugs and boxer like this food but it makes them drink incopious amounts of water to the point of night time incontinence. Would not buy again because of this. Be very careful.

02/12/16 | Jamie Mattison

Excellent value for money and highly rated but...

I am seriously skeptical about what's actually in this food that makes all of my 4 dogs drink incurious amounts of water resulting in nighttime incontinence. They have been on the food for 2 weeks now and there's no signs of improvement. Will I order again? I am not so sure...

05/03/15 | Linda

Fussy dog

After reading many reviews on loads of top brands tried this one Dixie has sensitive tummy and very fussy unfortunately my dog doesn't like it tried other cold pressed foods she won't eat any of them at a loss for which food to give her this is 6th dried food she has tried, on another one at moment and it's not going to well I'm running out of 4+ star food to try

09/17/14 | Ness Watson

Loss of condition

Smeegle isn't a fussy dog and likes dry food. I changed him over to this food after reading the reviews and after a couple of weeks he lost an amazing amount of condition. His fur went very dull and his skin was dry and flaky. After a check up at the vets, where nothing was found to be wrong at all, I decided to change him back to his usual food and in a matter of weeks he was back to full weight, his coat is glossy and shiny again and his skin is no longer irritating him. I can't blame the food, it's just not every food is right for every dog, and this wasn't right for Smeegle

06/11/14 | Camilla

Didn't agree with my dog

I researched for the best food to buy for my 6 month old spaniel for the cheapest price I could find and was pointed towards Markus Mhule. I bought a big bag for my boy to try and he loved it but after feeding him if for around a month his toileting became really loose and almost liquid, vet found nothing wrong and apparently he was in full health so I switched his food to barking head and his stomach has settled down well and his toileting is solid again! I have heard really good things abut this food and many dogs do very well on it but sadly not my boy.

06/10/14 | Ness

Not for us

Smeegle wanted to love this food and I wanted him to love it, just look at the reviews for it. However it wasn't to be. Smeegle would grumble and whine not too long after eating so we started to add water to it which just left a slushy mess in the bowl and the problem of Smeegle grumbling was still there. He lost condition on this food quite badly, his coat went dull and ragged and he lacked energy and his playfulness just went out of the window. So he is now on a food developed for Seniors and he has gone back to his mad old self with a lush shiny coat. I have no idea what it was, but this food wasn't for him.

04/26/14 | jan

it is ok

after research i decided to try this one. my 5 years old retriever does not really like it. i personally believe that this is good quality product and will try it again later.

04/23/14 | Ness

Better than some, not as good as others

Smeegle usually has Almo Nature Holistic and we changed him to this due to the amazing reviews and the fact he is getting on a little. It seemed to start well but he has slowly lost condition and his coat has become dull. He's ok in himself but has started walking like John Wayne after a session at the park which is a new thing. Sadly we are going to change back (or try an actual senior food maybe)

03/03/14 | Steve Middleton

Good for one, bad for the other.

Our dogs have been on grain free food for some time (Nutrivet/Purizon)but thought I'd give this a go as it gets excellent reviews and also has good ingredients/better value. My dogs both love the taste so eating it is not a problem, and my Shepherd has had no trouble digesting it but my Inuit has had runs every day (as in we've walked in the kitchen to it every morning for 10 days!) so there's something in there that just doesn't agree with him, but we'd have stuck with it otherwise. Just bought some Purizon today for splatter-free mornings.

04/04/13 | MacyMoo

Cocker Spaniel loved it at first...

My Cocker Spaniel has been eating Arden Grange varieties: Lamb & Chicken for about 3 years now but suddenly got fed with that so I swapped to Markus Muhle. The kibble is quite large but she didn't seem to mind at first. She loved it for the first bag. Initially I mixed it with Arden Grange and she would always eat the Markus Muhle first. She is now on her second bag and is definitely not so keen. Time for a change I think!